Book review: Kinky Bondage Obsession - The Best of the Bondagecafe - Jim Weathers


Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books. 

Jim Weathers started his web project "Bondagecafe" in 2001. Jim's work has been published in various books and magazines such as Skin Two, Marquis, and Bizarre.


Goliath's release "Kinky Bondage Obsession - The Best of the Bondagecafe" by Jim Weathers is a beautiful and elegant hardcover book with a collection of over 600 high quality images in a book just over 360 pages. The dimensions of the book are 8.5 x 5.5 inches. 

After a short introduction by the publisher, we are presented with the best of Jim Weather's work since 2001. Featuring top fetish models such as Mosh, Kendra James, Christina Carter, Randy Moore, Emily Marilyn, Emily Addison and others.



The models in the book wear leather, latex, PVC, and spandex outfits with various high heel stiletto shoes and boots. The common link through out the photos is nylons. In virtually all the photos the models are wearing fully fashioned stockings, a bodystocking or pantyhose, even underneath their spadex outfits. The other link and main theme of the book is bondage.  The girls are tied up in various forms of rope bondage, leather straps, and in some photo sets: gold chains with gold locks. Red ball gags, nipple clamps and straight jackets are also incorporated into the bondage scenes.


Liz Ashley

Jim Weathers has stated that the 1960's tv show Batman and specifically Yvonne Craig in her skintight purple catsuit helped fuel his imagination and obsession with sexy and seductive attire. There is a superheroine theme to a selection of the photos with models garbed in skintight purple and shiny red costumes and put into various bondage predicaments by other beautiful women.


Emily Addison 


The locations of the shoots are rooms and sets featuring elegant sofas, wood furniture, hardwood and tile floors, intricately designed carpets, leopard pillows, and fur rugs. The sets are well lit with balance lighting with just enough shadows. The backgrounds are mainly comprised of earth tones with lots of browns, tans, grays, whites, and muted reds. This helps the models and their costumes pop out a bit more.


Kendra James & Emily Marilyn

If you're a lover of of beautfiul women all tied up and dressed in fetish clothing and tight superheroine costumes, you will love this book. This is a well produced presentation of Jim Weather's work and I highly recommend it. 

~ Danny Stygion

Publisher: GOLIATH -

ISBN: 978-3-936709-56-8


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