Book review: Strictly Bondage - Lightworship



Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books.

Victor Lightworship is a sucessful commercial photographer turned erotic fetish/bondage photographer. His work has been published in several countries and he has had several exhibitions.

Goliath's release "Strictly Bondage" by Lightworship is a small hardcover book with a collection of 220 of his black and white images in a book that is 128 pages. The dimensions of the book are 5.7 x 8.5 inches. There is a short introduction by the publisher offered in several languages. 

The book features models such as Akira Lane, Jay Taylor, Odette Delacroix, among others. The models are subdued, bound and gagged. The girls are tied up with intricate Japanese rope bondage. Some of the submissives are hung from ceiling rafters or in a couple shots held up by Lightworship with one hand. 



Lightworship appears in many of the shots wearing a short sleeve white shirt with black tie, black slacks and black eyeglasses. He looks like a bible salesman. In other shots he is wearing a trenchoat or a suit. He adds a level of David Lynchian moodiness to the photos. Lightworship is an expert at Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Bondage). He has studied with one of the industry's well known rope masters and does all of the rigging in the photos he creates. 



According to his bio, Lightworship's father first taught him the ways of black and white film when he was a teenager. His love of monochromatic images began then, over 30 years ago. He is a perfectionist when it comes to lighting and composition. When indoors, the lighting is low-key and noirish. In other shots, Lightworship utilizes window light to great effect. And some images were shot outdoors on a patio with some overhead shade. The models have a variety of facial expressions with the most common being: an expression of serenity or pleasure. 



The printing quality of the book is high and the book has a clean, elegant and minimal design. The book is great for lovers of bondage and kinky photography and will be provocative to the curious and people who are new to bondage imagery. 


Publisher: GOLIATH -

  • ISBN-13: 978-3936709575





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