Sextape by Simon Logan

Cover model: Dani Divine


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Sextape by Simon Logan.

"She awakened, as she had so often before, to the scent of wet leather and a background hum of pain. Her vision was blurred, as if she had just emerged from water and her eyes were still to clear. She pulled herself upright, finding her movement restricted, and looked down to see the shibari bonds still wrapped around her wrists and ankles and points in between. They were slender strands of blackened, wax-covered rope, a nest of vipers which had slithered around her as the drugs had kicked in the night before, slowly tightening their grip on her. Security had turned into discomfort, had turned into pain, had turned into something vague and vast, something indeterminate."

Jess makes her money hooking into the city's CCTV network and stealing footage of celebrities, cheating couples and anything else which pays well enough - but when she is asked to scavenge shots of Marisol Vega, an actress on the cusp of her major breakthrough, she has no idea that it will lead her into a dark reflection of the world, a place of sexual rituals and latex shadows, of chemical bondage and neon club lights.

And watching her every move, wrapping himself around her, binding her and anointing her, is the figure of the darkened man.

From the author of Get Katja, Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void, Nothing is Inflammable, and I-O. 


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