Mistress Ella Strictland Interview

Mistress Ella Strictland is a Houston-based Professional Dominatrix. Her private facility 'The Iron Gate' is located near Downtown in the east Montrose area.

Mistress Ella Strictland is the Head Mistress of ClubFEM®. ClubFEM® is a BDSM orginization for Female dominants and submissive men. FEM is an acronym for "Females Enslaving Males". The term "club" does not refer to a place or location but an organization of people coming together based on their mutual interest of Female domination and male submission.

Photos by Danny Stygion.

This interview and pictorial was feature in issue 1 of subspace Magazine.


subspace Magazine: How did you get started in a career in professional Domination?

Mistress Ella Strictland: I got started after several years of private participation in BDSM. I had a play space that was filled with equipment I had accumulated, and a personal Prodom friend began to encourage me to open it up.

subspace Magazine: What are some of your specialties?

Mistress Ella Strictland: Bondage... steal bondage, ropes etc. Feminization, sissification, Medical play, corporal spanko scenes... I do it all.

subspace Magazine: Do you have any favorite BDSM devices or toys?

Mistress Ella Strictland: Yes, but it varies over time.  I would never want my play time to become like "ground hog day".  Variety and new ideas keep it fresh for me.


subspace Magazine: Can you describe the rooms in your private facility "The Iron Gate"?

Mistress Ella Strictland: I have a 20'X20' all purpose open play room where there is an electric suspension hoist, cage table, spanking benches etc.  There is also a Fetish dress up room with a vast array of cross dressing items. Those two rooms are on the 1st floor.  There is a two story electric hoist for cages on the second floor, and a 3rd floor corporal office with cane and paddle racks for office scenarios where the dungeon environment is not as inspiring.

subspace Magazine: One of the things you are known for is your prostate milking technique. Can you tell us a little about your perspective on "prostate milking"? 

Mistress Ella Strictland: Yes, it is very powerful!  When I first began to experiment with this technique, I was interested in it for chastity.  I read that a boy in permanent, or long term denial needs his fluid drained for prostate health reasons. Once I figured out how to do this effectively and began to practice it frequently, I started to realize the deep level of helplessness and submissiveness a boy experiences... not to mention the incredible Top Space on My end. The slave's sexual triggers are all lit up via toys or electricity, and I am in complete control of it. This renders him quite malleable and willing to do anything I want.

subspace Magazine: Is prostate milking an extension of forced feminization?

Mistress Ella Strictland: Certainly.  Men are not use to being penetrated like a woman is, so it is a much deeper and more full body experience than how a guy-guy, usually handles his sexuality.


subspace Magazine: A lot of slaves have spoken highly of you when it comes to a first time session. What do you try and accomplish in a first time session? 

Mistress Ella Strictland: Usually a slave is very nervous on his first experience and I really enjoy that.  Perhaps this sets an immediate tone that he is not at all in charge.  I think that is liberating feeling for a slave.  I find out what image he saw, video he watched, what he read or what past experiene drove him to contact me in the first place.  Finding out those initial triggers will set up the areas of play to explore.

subspace Magazine: What are some things you like to make a new slave try?

Mistress Ella Strictland: New slaves are like virgins.  It's a blast to break them in and go on that first journey with them.  Again, it's important to find out what makes them tick.  It is not any fun to try and encase someone who has claustrophobic tendencies or to try and bullwhip a slave who does not respond to pain. I mean you can't try to wind up a toy that is suppose to operate on batteries.

It's a whole package.  For example if jonny is visiting the school nurse because he claims to be sick on the day of exams.... I am Nurse Strictella from head to toe, I will examine this student on the medical table and get to the bottom of this. ..Yes, I do love role play scenarios a lot.

subspace Magazine: You have stated that you've been a fetish dresser all your life. What fetish outfits appeal to you?

Mistress Ella Strictland: I love love love leather.  I love the extreme and sexy look of latex, but that gets tough to hang in after awhile. I also enjoy a break from extreme fetish in a serious corporate nightmare suit with nylons and heals.


subspace Magazine: 2 of the themes of this issue are nylons and leather. What are some of your personal fetishes?

Mistress Ella Strictland: Nothing is sexier than nylons made of nylon or silk, with a full fashion French or Euro heel.  I have several with Ms Ella monogramed on the boarders.  Leather?  At The Iron Gate I have a boot cellar filled with leather boots, and numerous boxes of them stored elsewhere...  from equestrian to studded high heals and leather ballet boots for the slaves in a couple of sizes. Lots of Bicker Bitch, Cowgirl, Mistress dresses, short for boots and long for sternness etc, etc, etc.

subspace Magazine: What was your first experience with a foot worshiper like?

Mistress Ella Strictland: The fist time I didn't have a clue what it was about, and I was just winging it. I find that there has to be a meaning behind any activity for me to get into it. Since then I have come full circle on this. I love what it symbolizes to have a slave look at my feet while I Dominate him, kiss them hello and goodbye, and feel the weight and pressure of me standing on him with bare feet while he feels his place underneath me. I think turning foot play into a torture exercise is really hot too.  For example, I tie my slave's balls to the hoist and force him to crawl to my feet, where I am sitting across the room... just out of reach.  Or dip my toes in golden nectar so they must thoroughly clean them with the tongue. The one painful thing a Mistress who loves beautiful fetish foot wear learns to endure is sore feet, so bare foot worships and play is a huge pleasure.... plus I treat myself to a professional pedicure every other week.

subspace Magazine: You are the Head Mistress of ClubFEM. Can you tell us a little about this organization?

Mistress Ella Strictland: Yes, I am the International Head Mistress, and I run the original chapter that started in Houston in 1992.  I joined the organization in late 2003, and in 2004 the founding Head Mistress Dee was deciding to retire from running ClubFEM, and asked me take her position.  ClubFEM is a Lifestyle only organization and I was concerned about how my professional status would be perceived, so I partnered with my close friend at the time, Mistress Modesty who is lifestyle only, and we ran ClubFEM and launched ClubFEM International together from 2005 until 2009.  I am still in charge, and the organization is now global with chapters throughout the US, Russia, the UK, Australia and even Tasmania. ClubFEM is a registered trademark and a household name among the BDSM community around the world.  ClubFEM is strictly devoted to the celebration of Female Dominant/ male submissive relationships and promises the experience of a 100% Female authority environment.





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