Interview: Melissa Meaow


Photography by Jesse Flanagan
Director/Stylist: Angela Ryan


Melissa Meaow is based in Dallas, Texas.

This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical Submission. Order a print copy here.


Angela Ryan: Please tells us a little about yourself?

Melissa Meaow: Melissa Meaow is the alarmingly charming kitten that makes all the cats howl!

Angela Ryan: What’s your astrological sign? Do you think it suits you?

Melissa Meaow: I am a Scorpio and I think it suits me just fine.



Angela Ryan: Inquiring noses want to know, what is your signature scent?

Melissa Meaow: Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Angela Ryan: Which texture entices you most - Leather, Lace or Latex? Why?

Melissa Meaow: Latex! Cool, slick and skin tight - latex does a body good.



Angela Ryan: Describe how you feel when being bound in rope.

Melissa Meaow: Protected.

Angela Ryan: What is your greatest extravagance?

Melissa Meaow: Burlesque costumes, corsets and lingerie.



Angela Ryan: Do you have a motto you live by?

Melissa Meaow: In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Angela Ryan: Name your go-to cocktail.

Melissa Meaow: The Elizabeth Taylor – Champagne and Creme de Violette liqueur.



Angela Ryan: Can you tell us some of the books on your nightstand?

Melissa Meaow: Lolita, Anna Karenina, Delta of Venus and a biography on Rita Hayworth.

Angela Ryan: Which living person do you most admire and why?

Melissa Meaow: Dita Von Teese and RuPaul because they are 100% self-made.



Angela Ryan: What question do you get asked most often? What do you answer?

Melissa Meaow: If I am Russian… I’m actually half Swedish and half Native American.

Angela Ryan: What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Melissa Meaow: Getting invited to perform with the Ruby Revue at the 2015 Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas for our official step down as Best Troupe.

Angela Ryan: Where can we find you in the near future?

Melissa Meaow: Monthly performances with the Ruby Revue at the House of Blues in Dallas! |


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