Interview: Eva Strangelove

Model: Eva Strangelove. Photographer: Marcus Lopez. Makeup/Hair: Vivienne Vermuth. Wardrobe Stylist: Angela Ryan.

Location: The Church Dallas. Latex Hat/Dress by Vex Clothing. Boots by Givenchy.


Angela Ryan: Tell me a little about yourself.

Eva Strangelove: My name is Eva Strangelove. I have been performing burlesque for over eight years and modeling for nearly ten - although I describe myself as “former model” nowadays. Although I still enjoy being in front of a camera (after many years of trial and error), I only pick up jobs that fulfill me emotionally rather than physically, or egotistically. In the instance of this shoot for SINICAL, I was excited to spend time and work with with my long-time model and stylist hero Angela Ryan, and to be photographed by Marcus Lopez, whose work I have also coveted for some time.

In spite of modeling for many years I am actually a very private person. Rather than post constant selfies (a phenomenon I detest) and document every little thing I do on social media, like to spend my time reading, practicing Tai Chi meditative martial arts, tango dancing and cracking a bullwhip. My dance partner Justin F Credible and I have won eight burlesque titles with our performance duet and I have gained many achievements to be proud of over the last decade.

Angela Ryan: What is your astrological sign? Do you think it suits you?

Eva Strangelove: I am a Scorpio. I’d certainly say some common traits of a Scorpio female pertain to me - mysterious, magnetic. I am happy to let my man lead in a relationship, especially in courtship, and he must be much stronger than me and me strong of presence, for I will stand for no weakness in him. Especially because my life will begin to revolve around him with exceeding passion and loyalty. However, I am not the jealous and possessive type associated with Scorpio women… I possess the kind of self-assurance that knows that what is mine will always remain mine, and if it does not, well that’s okay too. Onwards and upwards for everybody. I do not shout my feelings from the rooftops, but rather whisper them seductively in your ear. I am intuitive, and can easily make out your intentions. I love with fierce devotion and hate with annihilating malice. I am secretive by nature, and you can certainly trust me with your own secrets. I chose my friends carefully and only a select few remain in my top five, for life.



Angela Ryan: Inquiring noses want to know, What is your signature scent?

Eva Strangelove: My signature scent is Dior Midnight Poison. I have worn it and received much favorable comment for it for six years. Sadly, it is discontinued, in spite of “fakes” appearing on eBay and other sites and clogging up my bathroom cabinet. I continue to look for it. I have a perfumer friend, Kitty Korvette, working on a tribute to it, as close to Midnight Poison as she can get , which we will rename “Strangelove”.

Angela Ryan: How did you feel wearing all latex for this shoot?

Eva Strangelove: Latex is a strange and intriguing substance, isn’t it? It photographs so beautifully but I must say, I find it rather awkward, which I believe is the point. I really am a “damsel in distress”, outside of my comfort zone, bound in such a physically limiting, yet very delicate, dangerously slippery and yet devastatingly sexy garment that i must move so thoughtfully in, lest I hurt myself or someone else. I admire the designs and craft work of BabyLoves Latex, and thoroughly enjoyed shooting in it. It was a tremendous honor that Angela would lend me garments from her own personal collection to photograph in also. I am much used to silky chiffon, gossamer, light and floaty, whimsical and diaphanous, see-through and yet mysterious materials. Something that promotes my movement and yet continues to move after I stop.



Angela Ryan: What is your greatest extravagance?

Eva Strangelove: My greatest extravagance is definitely traveling. It is a real treat for me to take my show on the road and meet fellow burlesque community members and be re-inspired. I have lived in America for nearly five years. I simply LOVE to experience the varied cultures right here on this continent. Some of my favorites have been New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, all of Florida, Dallas and of course right here in Austin TX.

Angela Ryan: Name somethings you never travel without. Why?

Eva Strangelove: I never travel without grossly over-packing. I hate that I do this. I pack more outfits than I will possibly need. Strange how I own a closet full of clothes and yet I only wear the same ten garments on rotation. But when I pack, I try to “branch out”…. and what makes me over pack is that fact that I think “this particular dress is gorgeous and will be perfect IF we go to a particular event but the only heels that match are ‘these’ so I had best pack them too…” and “the weather is supposed to be kinda chilly so I will pack four sweaters of various styles because I do not know exactly what the formality will be nor what kind of mood I’ll be in…” Then I lug around a suitcase that weighs the same as me and still only wear my favorite few uniform items. The one time I pack only my basics will be the one time I regret doing that. Luck favors the prepared.



Angela Ryan: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Eva Strangelove: I do have a guilty pleasure… I do love nothing more than to curl up with my laptop for a dramatic and thought-provoking Game of Thrones marathon… followed by short-attention span theater of Family Guy and South Park. I will not own a television, so anytime I get to enjoy this kind of escapism, I must curate my stories carefully. Drama, sex, violence, supernatural intrigue…and for dessert, pop culture hilarity without the formulaic mindlessness that is mainstream TV.

Angela Ryan: Tell us your go-to cocktail.

Eva Strangelove: My go-to cocktail is the classic whiskey and ginger ale (or beer). Jameson is my favorite. A whiskey ginger is simple, sweet, strong and goes straight to your head. Just like me.



Angela Ryan: What is your most marked characteristic?

Eva Strangelove: My most marked characteristic is the fact that I am rather quiet. And not because I have nothing to say (I certainly do) but in conversations (especially group situations), people only talk over one another and listen only to reply. It’s hard to get a word in unless I work against what is natural to me, and speak louder. I feel that if they do want to know what I have to say about the topic, they’ll ask. But they don’t, because they’re too busy interrupting and talking, presuming I, and everyone else, want to hear their voice and nothing else. This being said, whenever someone stops to take a breath is when I seize the opportunity to say my piece, which normally cuts to the bone to save time. I have been accused of being intimidating because I am quiet and straight-forward. This is preposterous, because I am the most unintimidating, friendly and open person you’ll ever meet…but please, tell me more about what you think.

Angela Ryan: Do you have motto you live by?

Eva Strangelove: That being said, one of my favorite motto’s I live by is “The More You Know, The Less You Speak” followed closely by “It Is Better To Be Looked Over then Over Looked” Lately it has been “It Is Lonely Being A Hawk Among Chickens”.



Angela Ryan: What would be the title of your autobiography?

Eva Strangelove: My autobiography is actually in the works. It is called Strange Logic... The Life and Perceptions of Eva Strangelove.

Angela Ryan: Can you tell us your favorite burlesque reveal?

Eva Strangelove: I have two favorite burlesque reveals… the first is my entrance and my music choice, which is always unusually dark and edgy, and the way I creatively reveal my final near-nudity, right at the very end - and then I’m gone. Burlesque is about wanting MORE. I am not the performer who, after getting naked, stays on stage for another few minutes. If you blink, you will miss me. You will never know what I truly look like naked up there because of my clever drapery - but you will certainly get an eyeful. Unless you are my lover you will never know what I look like while having sex, so you will never see me stage-fucking with an O-face. There are plenty of girls who will indulge that, and bless them. But I will always remain and intriguing enigma.

Angela Ryan: Where can we find you in the near future?

Eva Strangelove: Justin F Credible and I will be performing at Ink & A Smile, right here in our hometown of Austin TX July 11th. Ink & A Smile is a burlesque showcase of performers with tattoos, which each performance tributing a tattoo, why we got it, what it means to us, why it inspired us etc. Justin and I have a matching bullwhip tattoo on our wrists, so naturally we are performing our award-winning bullwhip piece. | 


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