Book review: Young Exotic Beauties by Richard Lopez


Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books.

Goliath's release Young Exotic Beauties is a small hardcover book. The book is 144 pages and features 140 color photos. The dimensions of the book are 5.5” x 8.5” - 14,5 x 21,5 cm.

The introduction is presented in several languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.



In the introduction, Doc Goliath discusses how at age 16, Richard Lopez, shot his cousin Ariana in a tiny bikini. This caused a scandal in the Lopez family. Today and many years later, he still photographs beautiful women in South America, wearing tight bikinis. He photographs them in an unconventional and almost "amateurish" way.


The locations in the book are primarily beach settings, poolsides, and other outdoor settings near the water. Some shots were taken around dusk, while others were shot during the daytime at outdoor locations. The lighting is naturalistic with some flash fill. The flash lighting is more noticeable in the dusk photos. The models wear bikinis, then appear topless, and fully nude in later photos in an individual series. There is a mixture of friendly facial expressions where the model is smiling and more sultry, sexy looks. There is good use of shallow depth of field and background seperation. 



My favorite photo sets are on pages 90-95 (Stefi), 102-107 (Verunka), and 134-139 (Denisse).


Publisher: GOLIATH.

Purchase a copy of the here.

ISBN: 978-3-95730-005-8



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