Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sabina Kelley Interview



Sabina Kelley is a pinup and tattoo model based in Las Vegas. She also owns her own tattoo shop. This interview was featured in the 1 Year Anniversary issue of Sinical.

Photos by Shannon Brooke.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in modeling?

Sabina Kelley: I got hit up to shoot for the cover of Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine for fun.  I did it and really enjoyed it.  Plus the magazine did really well, and then my modeling career just snowballed from there.


Sinical Magazine: When it comes to modeling, Who are your influences?

Sabina Kelley: The main model that is an influence for me is Bettie Page.  Other than that the other influences I have are just looking through fashion magazines and whatever catches my eye. 

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a pin-up model or photographer legitimate?

Sabina Kelley: What makes a Pinup Model legitimate is a great personality, confident, poses well and knows how to accentuate the curves of her body, has period correct wardrobe on, and is being themselves not trying to copy another Pinup Model.  I think what makes a photographer legitimate is a photographer that knows the style of photography that they are shooting, knows lighting, knows photoshop, knows how to shoot a girl (shooting a girl is not the same as shooting a car), knows how to make the model comfortable, and does not shoot a million pictures.  Knows what they want and gets it right away instead of hours later.  Then gets you the images edited and to you in a timely matter.


sabina kelley 2



Sinical Magazine: You have worked with David LaChapelle. What was it like working with the legendary photographer?

Sabina Kelley: David is incredible and is beyond creative.  I have never worked with someone like him before.  Everything he does is done to complete perfection and to full extreme.  My kids and I have shot with him a few times.  I love working with him, and I can't wait for our next shoot.


Sinical Magazine: You often shoot with Shannon Brooke. How do you like working with Shannon?


Sabina Kelley: Yes, I love shooting with Shannon.  I always know my pics are gonna be awesome.  She definitely knows how to shoot Pinup, and is probably the best Pinup photographer that I know.  I have worked with Shannon since she was in school for photography.  She has some of the best ideas.  It seems everyone always likes to copy her ideas. They are so good.


Sinical Magazine: Do you have an idea for a shoot that you would love to do someday or is there a photographer you would like to work with?

Sabina Kelley: I really really really want to work with Ellen Von Unwerth.  That would be a dream come true.  She is my favorite photographer!


Sinical Magazine: You were a showgirl at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas for 2 and a half years. What was that experience like?

Sabina Kelley: Being a showgirl at Ballys was a great experience.  Dancing is probably what I am the best at in the world.  Being a real showgirl is a very rare thing now days.  There are not many real showgirl shows left in the world.  It is pure class and beauty rolled into one.  I am very honored to have had the opportunity to be a showgirl.


sabina kelley 3


Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your tattoos?

Sabina Kelley: I have lots of tattoos.  Everything from traditional, to japanese, to black and grey.  I have two full sleeves, my knuckles done, the tops of my feet, the back of my neck, and almost my whole back tattooed.


Sinical Magazine: When did you get your first tattoo and what was that experience like?

Sabina Kelley: I got my first tattoo when I was 20.  It was a horseshoe on the back of my neck with a dead swallow, the number 13, flowers, and flames.  I don't remember it hurting.  It's probably because I was so excited to get it. 


Sinical Magazine: You are also a mother and own a Tattoo laser removal business. How do you find time to juggle everything?

Sabina Kelley: It's no easy juggling everything around, but I would not want it any different.  I don't have much time to screw around, but I think that is good, cause it keeps me on track to be the mom, business women, and person I could possibly be.

Sinical Magazine: What projects are you currently working on?

Sabina Kelley: My 2012 calendar just came out.   Just finished my new website My TV show "Best Ink" on Oxygen begins airing on Tuesdays at 10pm starting March 27th, 2012.  That is just a few things.  I have a lot of things coming up that I can not announce yet.  If you follow me on Twitter, you can follow whats going on in my world.  Lots of huge and exciting things coming up for this year.




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