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Beavis And Butthead Slated To Make A Comeback

It's true!  One of the most beloved pop duos of the nineties returns to trash talk TV once again.  Thank whomever the popular deity in your region is that someone is bringing toilet humor back to the youth.

Expect convenience store nacho sales to increase again.

Daily Mail wants t.p. for it's bunghole :


Hit 90s cartoon Beavis and Butt-head is set to return to our screens in October, creator Mike Judge announced yesterday.

Judge was appearing at the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego when he announced the return, and also treated fans to a sneak peek of the new show.

In the clip, the two teenagers, still wearing their much-loved AC/DC and Metallica shirts, poke fun at shows including MTV's Jersey Shore and Teen Cribs.

'They're also watching UFC fights,' Judge said.

Asked why he had decided to bring back the programme after all this time, Judge replied: 'I felt like TV was getting too smart!'

Beavis and Butt-head ran from 1993 to 1997 when it made the jump to the silver screen in Beavis and Butt-head Do America.

Judge, 48, who also voices many of his characters, says that besides Beavis and Butt-head, he hopes to tackle live-action dramas in his creative future.

The duo will now show their more sophisticated side.

Billboard keeps whhacking off in the shed :

by AP

Judge came to Comic-Con to talk about the reboot of his beloved animated characters and offer a peek at the new season, which is set to premiere in October.

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Beavis and Butthead riff on The Jersey Shore


Announcing The Fall Issue #3 Cover

Check out our new cover for Issue 3 featuring explosive hot dame Masuimi Max shot by Morat Photography!  Also featuring the art and photography of Chad Michael Ward, Shannon Brooke, Rick Craft, Isaac Suttell, and Damian Hevia.  We also have up and coming alt. models; Britnee Leigh, Deanna Deadly, and Rifka.  As usual, you can count on all the columns and articles that make us Sinical.  Release date is September 1st, 2011.

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Psychopaths May Be The Best CEOs And Some Already Are

I think we've all felt at some point that one of our bosses is fucking crazy, and that may not be far from the truth.

Forbes shows us the bull :

Jeff Bercovici

British journalist Jon Ronson immersed himself in the world of mental health diagnosis and criminal profiling to understand what makes some people psychopaths — dangerous predators who lack the behavioral controls and tender feelings the rest of us take for granted. Among the things he learned while researching his new book, “The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry”: the incidence of psychopathy among CEOs is about 4 percent, four times what it is in the population at large. I spoke with him recently about what that means and its implications for the business world and wider society.

Are we really to understand that there’s some connection between what makes people psychopaths and what makes them CEO material?

At first I was really skeptical because it seemed like an easy thing to say, almost like a conspiracy theorist’s type of thing to say. I remember years and years ago a conspiracy theorist telling me the world was ruled by blood-drinking, baby-sacrificing lizards. These psychologists were essentially saying the same thing. Basically, when you get them talking, these people [ie. psychopaths] are different than human beings. They lack the things that make you human: empathy, remorse, loving kindness.

So at first I thought this might just be psychologists feeling full of themselves with their big ideological notions. But then I met Al Dunlap.[That would be “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap, former CEO of Sunbeam and notorious downsizer.] He effortlessly turns the psychopath checklist into “Who Moved My Cheese?” Many items on the checklist he redefines into a manual of how to do well in capitalism.

There was his reputation that he was a man who seemed to enjoy firing people, not to mention the stories from his first marriage — telling his first wife he wanted to know what human flesh tastes like, not going to his parents’ funerals. Then your realize that because of this dysfunctional capitalistic society we live in those things were positives. He was hailed and given high-powered jobs, and the more ruthlessly his administration behaved, the more his share price shot up.

So you can just go down the list of Fortune 500 CEOs and say, “psychopath, psychopath, psychopath…”

Well, no. Dunlap was an exceptional figure, wasn’t he? An extreme figure.

I think my book offers really good evidence that the way that capitalism is structured really is a physical manifestation of the brain anomaly known as psychopathy. However, I woudn’t say every Fortune 500 chief is a psychopath. That would turn me into an ideologue and I abhor ideologues.

Is it an either/or thing? It seems to me, thinking about it, that a lot of the traits on the checklist would be be useful in a corporate ladder-climbing situation. So maybe there are a lot of CEOs who simply have some psychopathic tendencies.

It is a spectrum, but there’s a cutoff point. If you’re going by the Hare checklist [the standard inventory used in law enforcement, devised by leading researcher Robert Hare], where the top score is 40, the average anxiety-ridden business failure like me — although the fact that my book just made the Times best sellers list makes it difficult to call myself that — would score a 4 or 5. Somebody you have to be wary of would be in early 20s and a really hard core damaged person, a really dangerous psychopath, would score around a 30. In law the cutoff is 29.

There are absolutes in psychopathy and the main absolute is a literal absence of empathy. It’s just not there. In higher-scoring psychopaths, what grows in the vacant field where that empathy should be is a joy in manipulating people, a lack of remorse, a lack of guilt. If you’ve got a little bit of empathy, you’re kind of not a psychopath.

So maybe there’s a sweet spot? A point on the spectrum somewhere short of full-blown psychopathy that’s most conducive to success in business.

That’s possible. Obviously there are items on the checklist you don’t want to have if you’re a boss. You don’t want poor behavioral controls. It’d be better if you don’t have promiscuous behavior. It’d be better if you don’t have serious behavioral problems in childhood, because that will eventually come out. But you do want lack of empathy, lack of remorse, glibness, superficial charm, manipulativeness. I think the other positive traits for psychopaths in business is need for stimulation, proneness to boredom. You want somebody who can’t sit still, who’s constantly thinking about how to better things.

A really interesting question is whether psychopathy can be a positive thing. Some psychologists would say yes, that there are certain attributes like coolness under pressure, which is sort of a fundamental positive. But Robert Hare would always say no, that in the absence of empathy, which is the definition in psychology of a psychopath, you will always get malevolence.

Basically, high-scoring psychopaths can be brilliant bosses but only ever for short term. Just like Al Dunlap, they always want to make a killing and move on.

And then you’ve got this question of what came first? Is society getting more and more psychopathic in its kind of desire for short-term killings? Is that because we kind of admire psychopaths in all their glib, superficial charm and ruthlessness?

After I read this, I knew I was destined for greatness.

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Read the complete article here.  Find Jon Ronson's book “The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry” on Amazon.


Woman Eats Yogurt Tainted With Semen

A man gets arrested and indicted for fapping into some poor broad's yogurt sample.  That really says it all.  I guess the yogurt was asking for it.  Have you seen the packaging these days?

The Smoking Gun exposes the smoking gun:

A grocery store clerk was indicted yesterday on federal charges for allegedly giving a female shopper a yogurt sample that was tainted with his semen, and then lying to federal agents about the revolting incident.

Anthony Garcia, 32, was named in a two-count indictment filed late yesterday in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque. He is scheduled to be arraigned this morning on the felony charges. The January 25 incident was initially investigated by the Albuquerque Police Department before the case was turned over to federal officials.

According to a police report, the female victim told cops that she was shopping with her daughter at the Sunflower Farmers Market when she was approached by a “pushy” Garcia offering her the yogurt sample. After tasting the yogurt, the woman immediately thought the sample tasted “gross and disgusting” and, cops noted, “said it tasted like ‘semen.’”

A lab test confirmed that the yogurt sample provided by Garcia contained semen. Investigators then secured a search warrant authorizing the collection of blood and DNA samples from Garcia. Subsequent testing revealed that the semen found in the yogurt sample consumed by the female shopper matched Garcia’s DNA.

Read the article here to see the court documents and a mugshot.

Best comment I've read about this goes to William Casidy : "She's the one who wanted to sample the Yoplayedwithmyself brand, your honor."  Couldn't have said it better myself.


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