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Lorelei Lee Interview

Lorelei Lee Interview by Laura Clemons



Photo by: Paper Moon Photography.


Name: Lorelei Lee.

Birthplace: Decatur, Tx.

Current Location: Texas.

Height: 5'9.

Measurements: 36-27-37.

Shoe Size: 8.

Ethnicity: French and Irish descent.

Eye Color: Green.

Current Hair Color: Dark brown.


LC: Laura Clemons

LL: Lorelei Lee


LC: How did you become interested in pin-up modeling?

LL: I have always loved pin up but first got into it when my husband was serving overseas. I wanted some pin up style pics taken so that I could send to him. I ended up posting them on the internet and actually started receiving requests from other photographers after that.


LC: Who is your favorite photographer?

LL: I have  a lot of favorite photographers for many different reasons. I love 666 Photography, Paper Moon Photography, Shannon Brookes. There are sooo many amazing ones out there.


LC: Have you ever bad experience with a photographer?

LL: No. They have all been wonderful!


Photo by: Charlie Girl.


LC: What is your favorite outfit?

LL: A dab of perfume.


LC: What magazines have we seen you in?


2008 Cover of Vicious Bettys Magazine
2009 March issue of Lit Monthly
2009 December issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine
2010 Pin Up Perfection Calendar (Miss November)
2010 April issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine
2010 Special issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine (in the kitchen)
2010 Special issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine (Burlesque)
2010 Bettie Page Tribute book
2011 Bettie Page Tribute calendar (Miss December)
2011 Pin Up Perfection calendar (Miss December)
2010 Retro Lovely special Taboo Edition magazine
2010 Special Christmas edition of The Pin-Up Magazine
2011 March premier issue of Sinical Magazine
2011  available January 28 (pre orders available now) Lorelei Lee coffee table book


LC: What are your hobbies?

LL: Having my picture taken, shopping, spending time with my family.


LC: What are your obbessions?

LL: Buying vintage clothing.


LC: The staff's favorite drink is Absinthe. What do you like to drink?

LL: Gold Schlogger.


Photo by: Charlie Girl.

(This or That)

LC: Stockings or Pantyhose?

LL: Cuban heeled stockings.


LC: Leather or Satin?

LL: Satin.


LC: Heels or Boots?

LL: Heels.


LC: Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe?

LL: I love them both.


LC: Do you have a website? If so tell us about it.

LL: Not yet. I am working on that. You can look me up on Facebook. Lorelei Lee Pin-Up Model.


LC: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

LL: Thank you, so much for all of your support. You are all amazing! I have a coffee-table book coming out... it will be available Jan 28. It is called Lorelei Lee "A Pin Up Models Photographic Journey" You can purchase it through Amazon. If you would like to Pre Order a copy you can do so through Facebook. Look up Me Publishing & Photography and message him. It is 19.99 and if you pre order it you will get a limited edition trading card with a swatch of my clothing from the cover on one side of it.

If you would like to work with Lorelei Lee or have any product that you would like her to model, please email her at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- Laura Clemons
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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