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Domina Shannon Interview



Photo by: Stygion.


Danny Stygion: How long have you been a professional dominant?

Domina Shannon: I have always felt drawn to most things kinky and bizarre. I technically became a professional Domina in 1997, although I had already had a little taste of the lifestyle by that time. Using willing men to My own advantage was something that I learned at an early age and it came very natural to Me.

Danny Stygion: How did you become a dominant?

Domina Shannon: I was just made this way... ;)

I actually started out in a commercial House of Domination that was formerly called The Imperium. Although I knew of pro Dommes, I had never actually entertained the idea of a House of Domination, especially in Houston. I heard a rumor they were looking to fill a spot, I had a little bit of experience, a lot of interest and I had already started a somewhat modest collection of fetish wear, so I thought 'what the hell?!' I put on My favorite leather corset and marched My little arse right in there. I was not nervous, until I walked in... I walk in to a small waiting room elegantly decorated with very dim light and classical music playing very low in the background. For the first several seconds there was no one around, I walk up to a large glass window and a lovely young lady greets Me. I tell her I heard there was a position open and she gave Me the biggest warmest smile and told Me that it appears I would be a perfect match. I was introduced to the Head Mistress and given a tour of the facilities, the rest is history.

I did not start in the traditional manner of working My way up from submissive to Dominant. There was very little actual training that came along with the new title at The Imperium, there was not really anyone there to train us. My friends and I were all learning and exploring together; we would experiment and play with each other. I definitely identify as a Dominant, but I am no stranger to being tied and played. The best training is experience and I am a very CURIOUS creature. Most things that I do to others I have experienced in some fashion Myself, so I know exactly what I am asking of you...


Danny Stygion: What are the types of services you offer?

Domina Shannon: I only entertain sessions that I have a personal interest in. The first thing I usually tell people is that I am a 'hands on kinda girl'. Although I have a wide range of interests, I typically enjoy very physical play. My sessions may include bondage, discipline, sensory deprivation, sensation play, objectification, humiliation, cbt & nt, medical play, fetishes, you get the point. The list goes on and on... The possibilities are endless with the right person!

It is typically easier to go over what types of play I am NOT willing to entertain. For Me those things would include any kind of play that is highly sexual, nudity on My part, 'forced oral worship', infantilism, generic role play themes or highly scripted scenes, and I do not indulge in showers. (Occasionally I will do golden showers with preferred clients, but that is at My own discretion).


Danny Stygion: What is your specialty?

Domina Shannon: I excel at a many types of play that pique My interest. My absolute favorite types of play include any type of restrictive bondage, but specially rope bondage, sensory deprivation, electro play, sensation play, cbt & nt, and last but definitely not least I love, love, LOVE to use My single tails.



Photo by: Stygion. 


Danny Stygion: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

Domina Shannon: Upon entering My dungeon, one will see very quickly that My space is beautifully equipped and immaculately clean. Before each session I like to have a short consultation to exchange information and any other pertinent details. For new clients, I like to have a more in depth consultation to ensure we are compatible playmates and on the same page. For Me it is crucial to take the opportunity to get to know each person a bit before playing, the more I know about you the easier it is for Me to use it against you later...

Quickly you will learn I have a very intuitive way about Me. Often times I am much more aware of what the person I am playing 'needs' before they are. It will be very clear that I am in total control of the situation and that I expect nothing less than true surrender. With that being said you can expect that I am very knowledgeable about the play I engage in, I am extremely safety conscious, and that I love to push and test My slaves and submissives to see just what they are willing to take for Me.


Danny Stygion: What are your limits and have you ended a session abruptly?

Domina Shannon: Everyone has limits, even those who say they do not... I personally do not engage in sexual activity or nudity in session. I also do not get in to 'showers', extreme degradation, race play, play involving children or animals and infantilism. I have been asked to do some pretty far out stuff like castration and other heavy medical procedures; I do not typically entertain that type of play either, although minus castration, there is always an exception. I would only entertain that type of session with someone I have an established relationship with.

I have had to stop a few sessions abruptly, but not in a very long time. It is usually due to some kind of mis-communication. That is why it is crucial to take the time to communicate before you play. In the past several years I have welcomed a few potential clients into My space after a phone consultation that either I asked to leave after the consultation or it was mutually decided that interests did not correlate enough to proceed.

Danny Stygion: Is S&M a form of psychotherapy?

Domina Shannon: People engage in sadomasochism for different reasons, everyone gets something different out of it. For some I absolutely believe it is a form of psychotherapy, for others it is a way to explore themselves and their sexuality.

Danny Stygion: What advice would you have for someone who is trying to become a professional dominatrix?

Domina Shannon: I often tell people who approach Me with this question to keep their day job! I feel like most people want to get into this business to 'make easy money' or to 'beat men' or 'because it is cool'. The truth is that it is not an easy business to be in, it takes a lot of time, money, education and dedication to excel in this world. Also, if you are not genuinely interested in the play you are indulging, it will be clear to the people you play and you will never really make a connection. It is easy to be persuaded by the idea of being a Dominatrix, but when it really comes down to it most people who want to be Dommes are never going to commit themselves to it enough to actually be successful. Just like anything else, you start out at the bottom and work your way up. It takes time to become knowledgeable and hone your skills. Seems to Me like a lot of people want to start out doing highly intense play right out of the gate. In this world, those who have to learn their lesson the hard way pay very heavy dues. The simplest kinds of play can potentially be dangerous. I also do not feel like people understand or respect the fact that to be a Dominant is a position of responsibility. When someone surrenders to you they become YOUR responsibility.

If you really want to be a Dominatrix, then do it! Just know that it is not always as glamorous as it may seem and that it can be lot of hard work. No one will make you a Dominatrix, it is up to you to study, learn and experiment!


Danny Stygion: Is there a certain time of year when business slows down?

Domina Shannon: It is hard to say what time of year is slow. I think that some people have slow times when others do not. Business can be really spotty around the holidays, but then there is always some kind of holiday "rush" too. I think the summer time can be a little hit or miss for business as well, but then I have had summers where I was sessioning constantly. I keep regulars, so I do not really pay a lot of attention to when calls are slowing down.



Photo by: Herize Photography.


Danny Stygion: What is your favorite fetish outfit to wear?

Domina Shannon: Ahhh... It is truly hard to say, I have a lot of favorites! I guess it depends on My mood. Some of My favorite fetish attire includes pretty much anything in rubber, but especially rubber corsets and pencil skirts. Lately I have had a particular interest in translucent rubber. I have several tattoos and the combination between translucent rubber and tattoos is AWESOME! I am also a total shoe whore, very high and fetishy high heels and boots make Me feel like a true Bitch Goddess! My favorite thing to wear in session would be My thigh high leather boots with a retro style girdle and stockings. Good man handling clothes... ;)

Danny Stygion: Our staff's favorite alcohol is Absinthe. What do you like to drink?

Domina Shannon: I am a vodka girl, Myself! I especially love flavored vodkas! Three Olives makes the best flavored vodka in My opinion, My favorite flavors include cherry, blue berry, bubble and grape. I like really bitchy drinks, what can I say...?

Danny Stygion: Can you tell us about your web site?

Domina Shannon: My web address is I am very excited to say that the web site is currently going through a lot of changes and should be complete in a month or so. There, you will find a wealth of information about Me, My play style, interests and a ton of photos. I have spent a great deal of time and energy collecting information so potential clients can get a good idea of who I am and what they can expect from Me, and of course what I expect of them. The new site will have a few new features such as a blog for those of you who wonder what I am up to... ;)


- Danny Stygion
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