Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Illustrated Eye Interview

Model: Pixie Phoenix.



LC: Laura Clemons

The Illustrated Eye



LC: What drew you to pin-up photography?

The Illustrated Eye: I'm first and foremost an artist. I've been doing illustrations since I could pick up a marking implement. 10 years ago this lead me to photography so that the model wouldn't have to sit for me.  I loved the fact that I could interact with the model more during photography and obtain quicker gratification of a complete image rather than having to wait until my illustration was done.


LC: What kind of camera/film do you use?

The Illustrated Eye: Nikon D80/Nikon N80. I prefer Fuji for film when I use it, though now I mostly use digital.


LC: Are you self-taught or did you go to school for photography?

The Illustrated Eye: I am self-taught. I started using a Kodak 240 Camera 10 years ago. 


Model: Mars.


LC: What are your visual obsessions?

The Illustrated Eye: Lips are a big one for me, and eyes are a close 2nd.


LC: Do you touch up your photos?

The Illustrated Eye: A little, I try to leave my photos as close to the original shot as possible. I mostly re-touch skin blemeshes.


LC: Who are your inspirations?

The Illustrated Eye: I can't say a specific person is my inspiration but many things provide me inspiration from clothing to a feeling. I love artsy style makeup and clothing. I feel they give a good melding of the artistic talents of the model, the photographer and makeup artist.


Model: Scarlett.


LC: Is there a certain model you would like to work with?

The Illustrated Eye: I work with Jayded Pixie a lot. She is a good diverse model in her looks and I can often count on her to be available for me.


LC: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to models?

The Illustrated Eye: Being on time. My time, especially right now is extremely limited. I have many models that are late to a shoot, sometimes up to an hour late. This drives me nuts. If you schedule a certain time, you should plan to be there at that time.


LC: Have you been able to maintain a living from photography or is it more of a hobby?

The Illustrated Eye: At one time I did photography professionally and found I started to lose my freedom and love of photography. So I went back to a "normal" job and kept photography as a hobby.


LC: Do you have a website?

The Illustrated Eye:


- Laura Clemons


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