Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tarik Abdul-Alim Interview

Photo by: Shea of TuShea Productions.


Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your comic book "The Seen" and its current status?

Tarik: The Seen is based on my nightmares. It is basically Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. My character is from this world but when he sleeps he has the ability to walk in the the other worlds. The first issue was printed and released by Redline Comics. The new issues will be released in chapters online then printed full issues. Go to:


Sinical Magazine: When did you first become interested in creating a comic?

Tarik: When I was 13 I started drawing comics. Wolverine and Punisher comics were great motivators. 


Sinical Magazine: As far as comic book artists, who are your inspirations?

Tarik: Arkham Asylum comic from artist Dave McKean, Spawn by Todd McFarlane, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez, and Lobo cover artist Simon Bisley to say a few. Oh and the artwork in general of the Hellrasier comic.


Sinical Magazine: What types of tools do you use to create your artwork?

Tarik: First issue of "The Seen" was in pen & ink and the other issues after are in photoshop CS4.

Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite comic book?

Tarik: Hellrasier comic.


Redline Comics.

Sinical Magazine: You also create fashion. Can you tell us about your style of fashion?

Tarik: That is a strange one lol. A mix of the Borg, post apocalyptic, and ancient Japan. I so respect the fashion designer Mother of London. Plus the glory of artist HR. GIGER has inspired my work.


Sinical Magazine: What do you use to put your clothing together?

Tarik: I use vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and rubber, car parts, sometimes electronics like led lights and IPOD docs.


Sinical Magazine: Do you see progression in your work since you started?

Tarik: Yes. I am using materials and concepts I never thought I could. That helps inspire me to keep pushing.


Photo by: Bryan Anderson.

Sinical Magazine: What events have we seen your fashion work at?

Tarik: I was part of a fashion show at the Houston Artery for PBS. A event at Advent Garden that was wild. A fashion show at the club Numbers for Underworld. Plus so many fashion based performances at locations: Warehouse Live, Meridian, Riches, Havok, Deadman's Ball, Demon 6 shows, and Revolutions.


Sinical Magazine: Where can people purchase your outfits?



Sinical Magazine: Describe yourself in one word?

Tarik: Surreal.!/profile.php?id=100000315343036

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