Monday, 19 February 2018

Amber Deville Interview

Halo Image.


Name: Amber DeVille.

Birthplace: Jena, Louisiana.

Current Location: Dallas, TX.

Height: 5,3.


Bust: 34.

Waist: 28.

Hips: 32.

Shoe Size: 6.5.

Ethnicity: French/Native American.

Eye Color: Brown.

Current Hair Color: Blonde.



LC: Laura Clemons

AD: Amber Deville



LC: How did you become interested in alternative modeling?

AD: I always loved the artist style of it. I was just stuck doing normal high fashion shoots as a young teen as soon as I was old enough I left that scene and  started shooting in a more alternative spooky style. Which I enjoy much more. I just love the style better its more me.



LC: Who is your favorite photographer?

AD: This is a hard one. My favs right now are Ben Britt, Dan Richards, A to Zed Photography, Papermoon and Obscuri.



LC: Have you ever bad experience with a photographer?

AD: No everyone I have worked with has been very professional and awesome.



LC: What is your favorite pin-up or fetish outfit?

AD: I love latex outfits and furry ones. Lol. I think I like the feel of them.


Photo by: Sergei Rodionov.


LC: What magazines have we seen you in?

AD: Retro Lovely, Glam Rock Magazine, Pin Up Perfection, Underground Magazine, Lit magazine and the Viscous Bettys.



LC: What are your hobbies?

AD: I love making and creating art. I love writing music, painting, making clothes and photography. I have been shooting photography for
about two years now and I enjoy working with the hot ladies I have gotten to work with. I make my own Cosplay costumes I love dressing up as characters from my favorite movies, video games and cartoons. Painting is a way I relax.



LC: What are your obsessions?

AD: Horror movies are my obsession, I go to horror conventions such as Texas Frightmare weekend to meet my favorite Horror Icons, collect horror movie items, I am happy to say I am now  an official Interview lady for the Texas Frightmare weekend dvd. So I get to ask my favorite Horror actors crazy questions and get to hang out with them for a bit which makes me a very happy monster girl.



LC: The staff's favorite drink is Absinthe. What do you like to drink?

AD: I love Jack Daniels. Jack and Coke. Turns me into a fun Trouble maker. Lol.


(This or That)


LC: Stockings or Pantyhose?

AD: Panyhose.


LC: Leather or Satin?

AD: Leather.


LC: Heels or Boots?

AD: Boots.


LC: Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe?

AD: Bettie page.



LC: Do you have a website? If so tell us about it.

AD: Yes I do.  It's You can keep up with what events I am working on there.  Plus I have stickers and 8x10 signed prints for sale.



LC: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

AD: Yes!!  Thank you for your support and loving what I do!  <3


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