Thursday, 22 February 2018

Julin Jean Interview



Photo by: Kenny Haner. Make-up: Jenny Lin.


SM: How did you become interested in modeling and acting?

JJ: I've always been interested in it, I just didn't know how to go about it. I basically got into it through word of mouth.

SM: What are some of the films you have appeared in?

JJ: Spirit Camp, Sweatshop, and The Final were some of my first films.
SM: Are you a big fan of horror films?

JJ: I've always been a fan of horror films.

SM: What are you working on next?

JJ: I'm working on a Zombie Comedy directed by John Hale, called Zombie Temp Agency. It is filming here in Austin TX. I am one of the main characters.

Zombie Temp Agency (ZTA) is a zomedy (popular zombie comedy) that takes the inhuman face of the massive Temporary Labor complex and adds a brain chewing body to it. In a world with no firm labor union commitment and with increasing layoffs and job uncertainty, ZTA is uniquely relevant even among zombie movies known for such zeitgeist tapping. Combining the comedy of shows like "The Office" with the manic zombie energy of Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle's film 28 days later. ZTA takes on the modern corporate structure where workers are treated like the walking dead, and spins a classic boy-meets girl redemption tale.

SM: How do you keep in shape?

JJ: I don't eat a whole lot and I workout 5 days a week. It's tough sometimes, especially because I love to drink beer and eat fried foods, yum!


julinejean 1

Photo by: Kenny Haner. Make-up: Jenny Lin.


SM: You are also a singer. Can you tell us about that?

JJ: I started singing when I started acting, I joined a band, just by chance and I put out an album called Transitions, and I am about to release my second album called PLAY. A single is out already on iTunes, and one of the songs from the album played on ABC's Pretty Little Liars tv show in their latest season.

You can watch a music video I did for the album :

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SM: What is currently in your car cd/mp3 player?

JJ: Adele and Phantogram.

SM: What do you do on your free time?

JJ: I hang out with my family and friends, and travel. I just got back from Puerto Rico. I loved it there :), I went snorkling, zip lining through the rainforest and just hung out and drank rum on the beach. I had the best time! I also like to write poetry and read.

SM: When dating... what are some qualities that you look for in a person?

JJ: Someone that is funny and open minded, they have to be ok with my career. It can be tough sometimes because it is such a weird industry. I love romance, flowers, opening doors, dates and someone that can cook for me, and someone who appreciates the sweet things I do for them, and someone that is motivated and also likes to travel.
SM: What is the worse date that you have been on?

JJ: I went on a blind date one time and the guy's car wouldn't start then we got stuck in traffic behind a wreck. He had no personality, and kept talking about the weirdest things. Then he kept trying to come inside my home after the date failed miserably, even though he said he had to just use the rest room. I wouldn't let him in. Then he kept calling after that. I just had to ignore him. :/
SM: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

JJ: I love everyone who has been supporting me, even though this past year I took a break, I had some personal things going on, but I was reading all the messages people were sending me and I appreciate all the support. I am done taking my break and I will be back out making apperances, and making movies :)
I have a webseries that is out right now, it's called The Flesh Life, Also, I just finished a film called HeadHunter, I played Jesse,
with star Garret Dillahunt. I am working on a new music video for my new single "I Don't Wait Up", which is out on iTunes. Also, I am going to be the new model for the lingerie line based out of Houston, and a ton of my films are for sale and for rent at: So if you want to pick them up that would be awesome!
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