Monday, 19 February 2018

Redrum Collaboration Interview


Photo credits for all photos: Redrum Collaboration (Photography), Lauren WK (Model), Abigail Greydanus (Wardrobe).


Redrum Collaboration is Amanda Valentine and Justin Michel. The dynamic duo is one of the hottest and most sought after photographers in the alt. model/pin-up scene. They took time out from their busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.


Sinical Magazine: How did you two get started in photography?

Redrum Collaboration: It was completely accidental on both accounts. I have had my own eBay store for almost 10 years and in 2005 I began using live models instead of mannequins which became an instant passion for me. I was also a model for years and none of my guy friends who were photographers were capturing my concepts the way I saw them in my head. Once I met Justin I began setting up cheap utility lights and making sets that I could step into and all he had to do was push the button for me... soon after that he became more inspired and began having lighting ideas of his own. We both started individual photo projects, but in 2007 we came to realize that the work we did together created our strongest imagery... thus, Redrum Collaboration was born.

SM: Can you tell us about how you came up with the name "Redrum Collaboration"?

RC: You have seen The Shining, right? Well we love that movie; The lighting and sets rock. Totally inspiring! Also, there are two of us so there is a constant collaboration happening.... and WAH LAAAH! :)

SM: What type of camera equipment do you use?

RC: Canon with mostly Alien Bees lighting.

SM: How long does it take you to edit a photo set and how many photos do you like to edit down to?

RC: When we are hired to build portfolios, models generally get 3 images per look with the option to buy additional edits. Often, we will also edit an extra Zivity set (10-40 images) at no additional cost for our regular clients who hire us. The amount of edits all depends on the booking!




SM: Nobody likes a flake or unprepared model. What are your pet peeves with models?

RC: Mostly models who cancel last minute or just never show up are our main pet peeve... especially when traveling. Chipped nail polish and poorly groomed brows makes our job harder when editing.  We also have a strong dislike for overly shaggy/feathery fake lashes as well as cheap and unnatural looking wigs. Other than that we are not very picky. Just show up, have your nails and brows done, and don't take away from your pretty eyes with bad lashes our torment your pretty head with a bad wig and we'll likely be the best of friends!

SM: Can you tell us about your photo tour and how your party package works?

RC: You can visit our website for more information about touring, upcoming dates and how party packages work.




SM: Where have you travelled to, so far? Which city was your favorite place?

RC: We have traveled all over the continental United States. The better question would be where haven't we been in the USA that we want to visit. The answer to that would be: New Orleans, Portland, and Seattle. Those are the top 3 cities we want to visit but haven't! It's really hard to choose our favorite place because so many places are dear to our hearts. Thanks to our 2+ years of almost non-stop travel we have made some of the best friends we have ever had, coast to coast!

SM: Any interesting road trip stories?

RC: So many! We are working on a story book filled with every single story known to Redrum-kind! So stay tuned for that!




SM: Where are you travelling to next?

RC: We are currently on a travel hiatus. You may be able to find us sneaking down to the Miami area again in late Winter seeking out sunlight... but other than that we won't be traveling much until Spring.

SM: Does constantly travelling burn you out?

RC: I wouldn't say we burn out. We are generally always exhausted and are usually sick a couple days after every trip longer than 30 days but we are always happy and anxious to get back on the road. We only come home to edit. During that time period, we are always discussing different lighting techniques that we want to try next as well as bouncing new concepts around. By the time we are ready to hit the road again, we are completely re-inspired and excited!




SM: Is there a particular magazine you hope to get your work on the cover of?

RC: Basically all of them. Every magazine in the world. Both small and large.

SM: What does "Redrum" have planned for, 2012?

RC: We are hoping that 2012 brings us the ability to afford health insurance! That's kind of the plan! We are also putting together a book... more of a humorous autobiography of Redum and our start (that has lead to our many adventures) than a picture book. Perhaps book sales will fund our health insurance dream!



Redrum Collaboration's Official Website

Redrum Collaboration on ModelMayhem

Redrum Collaboration on Facebook


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