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Angela Ryan Interview

angela car garage

Photographer: Shannon Brooke. MUA: Jennifer Corona.



This interview and more images were featured in the Summer 2011 issue of Sinical.

Jack Mallein: Ummm… How’s it going?

Angela Ryan: Things with me have been pretty fantastic lately actually. Thanks for asking!


Jack Mallein: How did a nice broad like you get into a magazine like this?

Angela Ryan: Well, I shot with Danny a long time ago when I first started modeling. It seems I made an impression and many years later he asked if I would grace the cover of Sinical. I'm happy to be here!


Jack Mallein: Tell us about Angela Ryan in three words.

Angela Ryan: Quirky, adventurous, entertaining.


Jack Mallein: This is the Chinese year of the Hare.  Got any pets?

Angela Ryan: I was born in the year of the monkey, but I don't have a monkey. I have two black cats named Figgy and Stinky. They are my hairy monkeys. I'm actually more of a little dog person though. My dream dog would be a miniature black or red poodle that I can put cute costumes on and teach tricks to. Possibly even get her to be a part of one of my burlesque numbers to run off with my clothes.


Jack Mallein: You’ve done all kinds of modeling in your career.  Do you prefer any genre over another? Like pinup over fetish.

Angela Ryan: My preference is anything creative. I like to mix it up and challenge myself with new genres and styles. My roots were based in fetish and bondage before my transition into pinup. My first shoot ever was a topless bondage shoot in 2001. After that I began to branch out and create a wide variety of fetish imagery. I wasn't considered pinup until later on in my career. I am fond of variety and don't want to limit myself as a model. Pinup comes very naturally to me and it's fun to recreate traditional imagery or to put a modern spin on it and make it your own. I love to do high concept imagery that tells a story as well.



angela car1

Photographer: Shannon Brooke. MUA: Jennifer Corona.


Jack Mallein: You mentioned in your interview with Copious that you were a dork.  How are you dorky?  What do you geek out on?

Angela Ryan: I'm silly and sometimes socially awkward. Ridiculous things frequently come out of my mouth. I dork out on things like macaroni and cheese, karaoke, shoes, and bingo, to name a few.


Jack Mallein: Meet any interesting people at the bingo hall?

Angela Ryan: Oh, there are tons of interesting characters at the bingo hall! The superstitious little old ladies are my favorite. They have all sorts of rituals and lucky trinkets they bring with them. It's fascinating!



angela car0

Photographer: Shannon Brooke. MUA: Jennifer Corona.


Jack Mallein: Many people say that modeling is an easy job, but I’m trying to disperse that myth.  Have you ever sustained a modeling injury?

Angela Ryan: Surprisingly, I have not had any major injuries yet but not for lack of trying! Modeling is very taxing on your body physically due to contorting yourself and holding poses for long periods of time, teetering in high heels, and various other predicaments that shoot props and locations provide. I have modeled barefoot on a mountain side in the snow and naked in the streets of NYC in the winter. You are also at the mercy of makeup and hair people working on you. I have a big scar on my forehead from a curling iron that a hair stylist didn't keep control of and have had my eyelashed ripped out from glue that was not supposed to be used on your eyes.


Jack Mallein: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Angela Ryan: I would like to have the superpower that combines every superpower and allows me to switch to the one I want at will. Is that an option? Haha.


angela car

Photographer: Shannon Brooke. MUA: Jennifer Corona. 


Jack Mallein: What does Angela Ryan’s future hold?

Angela Ryan: More modeling with a heavy focus on burlesque! Recently, I have been working on my biggest burlesque number to date. It involves a seven foot tall custom made champagne bottle! I'm going to continue to make art with the photographers I love. I'm sure some shenanigans and life lessons will work their way into my existence as well.


Jack Mallein: Where can your fans find you on the web?

Angela Ryan: My website is currently evolving with a new design and purpose so keep an eye on that! I am also very active on twitter and facebook




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