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Masuimi Max Interview

masuimi 1


This interview and more images are featured in the Fall issue of Sinical.


Masuimi Max requires little introduction. She has graced the covers and pages of countless publications with her unique energy and radical posing. Masuimi has been seen on reality TV, music videos, and even the big screen. Her personality screams effervescent and raucous behavior. Through our limited correspondence I have found her to be nothing less than an absolute sweetheart. I imagine that she is that type that refuses to take shit, but also reveals a caring and nurturing aspect to her personality as well.

She accomplishes all of these things while updating and maintaining her own websites herself, shooting frequently, and spending time with her husband and favorite photographer Morat.

Masuimi graciously took some time out of her grueling schedule to let us get to know her better.


Jack Mallein : How’s it going?

Masuimi Max : GREAT!!! I am glad to be staying busy! I have so much going on right now and I'm finally seeing my hard work pay off.


Jack Mallein : What are you wearing?

Masuimi Max : A laptop. I don't normally wear clothes when I'm home, if it's cold I'll wear my Jumpin Jammerz or a robe, but I'm mostly naked when home.


Jack Mallein : Do anything fun lately?

Masuimi Max : I can't remember the last time I had a day off, but I can't complain because my job IS fun.


Jack Mallein : I know you are the web designer and web master for all of your sites. How did you get into that?

Masuimi Max : I created a website to act as a portfolio for my modeling. It was completely free until I couldn't handle the traffic and hosting fees. After Julie Strain and I met, she recommended her webmaster to design and maintain my site. The lady asked for my domain name login so she could work on my site, which I later found out, the hard way, that no one needs that login to work on your site. It was easy enough to get my name back, but since then I haven't trusted anyone to work on my websites. is my main official website, is my 100% free website, and is my online store. I'm working on for my newly revamped makeup line, 'I Am Sin'.


Jack Mallein : What would photographers that you’ve worked with say about you?

Masuimi Max : You'd probably have to ask them, but I work with a lot of the same people so that probably means I'm doing something right!




masuimi 2

Photographer: Morat.



Jack Mallein : Care to comment about the war on drugs?

Masuimi Max : Didn't we win that already? ;-)

First off, I would like to point out how ridiculous it is that our government has made a PLANT illegal, there is NO good reason for it not to be legal. Marijuana is far less dangerous than some drugs which are legal, such as alcohol and tobacco. I'm not saying alcohol and tobacco should be illegal, I just think education and treatment are better ways to address a drug problem. Prohibition does not work! Also, I don't see how marijuana is a drug problem when I see more evidence of its pros than its supposed cons. Every anti-marijuana campaign I have ever seen has been full of shit and lies. I've seen a few campaigns on TV; a girl melting into her couch, someone frying an egg saying that was your brain, and a talking dog. The first one is implying that anyone that smokes weed is just going to sit on their couch and do nothing. So what? Some of the most energetic, productive people I know, including me, smoke weed. I smoke weed to relax. Sometimes I want to do nothing. I'm very energetic and anxious, and weed calms me down. I still manage to maintain all of my websites (design work, coding, etc), do my photo shoots (I also do my own makeup and hair), perform my shows (choreograph and make a lot of

my own props), check my emails (and deal with booking inquiries), cook (yes, I cook and bake!), clean (yup, I do that too), and I go to the gym almost every day. I'm sure I left something out, but I think you get the picture. Marijuana is illegal. Alcohol and tobacco are not. That means marijuana is more lethal or dangerous, right? BUT is it? How many stoned driving deaths a year are there versus drunk driving? I can go on and on about this… but I think I'll just roll one now. ;-)


Jack Mallein : Who do you think should be our next U.S. president?

Masuimi Max : Tommy Chong.


Jack Mallein : I’ve heard that you call this photo shoot L.A. Confidential. What kind of movies are you into?

Masuimi Max : Sci-fi, fantasy, and CSI stuff. A few of my favorite movies are 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus', 'Perfume', 'Hogfather' and 'Going Postal'. I really like Terry Pratchet books. I wish they would make more of his books into movies instead of regurgitating the same story to us over and over again, with different actors and outfits. Bleh.




 masuimi 3

Photographer: Morat.



Jack Mallein : Many people say that modeling is an easy job, but I’m trying to disperse that myth. Have you ever sustained a modeling injury?

Masuimi Max : Haha! Yes, many! I actually hurt myself really bad before a shoot once and had to go to the hospital. I was in a hurry while getting ready and I wasn't paying attention to stuff like cabinet doors and bent over to pick something up and cracked my skull when I stood up. I had to get quite a few stitches. Good thing my assistant was there. I thought if we applied pressure to my head the bleeding would stop. I had her holding gauze to my head while I tried to put my makeup on (you know the show must go on), but when she told me that I was bleeding through, defeated, I realized I had to reschedule the shoot. I take my job seriously!


Jack Mallein : If you weren’t married, what’s the best way to approach Masuimi Max?

Masuimi Max : Don't.

It's true! I had a huge crush on my husband Morat. Every time I would see him I would try to talk to him and he would politely respond and walk away. I didn't realize he thought I had a boyfriend (I was single!). Luckily for me when he found out I was single, he literally came over to my house and carried me off to his place caveman style. There, that is how it is done. :-D


Jack Mallein : How do you personally define and measure success?

Masuimi Max : At different periods of life success can be defined differently. It's a journey. It has obstacles, multiple peaks and it's not one big mountain to climb. For me it's about being happy, maintaining my career and reaching my goals - I have new ones all the time!




masuimi 4

Photographer: Morat.



Jack Mallein : What does the near future hold for Masuimi Max?

Masuimi Max : Lot's of filming, photo shoots, shows and traveling. I'm also helping Morat organize his photo exhibition 'Sex, Thugs and Rock n' Roll'. I'm hosting the gallery opening for Morat's photo exhibition on September 9th at the Peepshow gallery in Hollywood, right next to the Burgundy room. Visit for more info.


Jack Mallein : Was this the best interview ever? You can be honest.

Masuimi Max : Sure, it was good! You asked me questions I don't normally get, but you didn't ask me what my favorite color is.


Jack Mallein : Leave us with one word.

Masuimi Max : Utensil




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