Saturday, 29 April 2017

Fairy Tales Photography Interview


 Model: Scarlett River. MUA: Claire Floriani.



Fairy Tales Photography is Delphine Ayache. She is based in Paris, France. She shoots some of the most creative and exciting material in the world of alternative modeling/photography. Her work was featured in the Winter Issue of Sinical.  


Sinical Magazine: When did you first decide to get into photography?

Fairy Tales Photography: I started photography a year and a half ago. I was model for many years but I wanted to move onto creating my own images because I could not find photographers whose universe perfectly mirrored my own. I had do many ideas I wanted to create from my head, so that's why I finally decided to do it myself.

SM: What photographers have been a source of inspiration?
FTP: David Lachapelle, Viona, Rebecca Litchfield and Nathalie Shau but in fact I am more inspired by artists like Nicoletta Ceccoli or Benjamin Lacombe.





SM: How do you prepare your shoots?
FTP: My shoots are very planned, however occasionally I ask my models to do different things than we had planned for, and total improvisation happens, which can be wonderful and spontaneous. Mostly the theme, the outfits, the hairstyle are planned specifically for each model, I always have an idea of what I want to shoot on a particular day, along with new ideas I want to try for the shooting as well.

SM: Do you shoot digital or film? Which do you perfer?
FTP: Digital, I love how technology permit anyone to make picture, but one day I'd like to try traditional film.




Model: Seraphine Strange. MUH: Claire Floriani. Designer: la curarahcha (Essen, Germany) 



SM: What do you use for your lighting set ups?
FTP: I always use different lighting set ups. Anything from as simple as a beauty light, to soft boxes and colored gelatines... it all depends on what kind of light/atmosphere that I want for the photo.

SM: What do you view as the most important aspect of a photo shoot?
FTP: Beauty is the most important in my shoot, I shoot fairytales and things that can only be found in dreams, I want women to feel like princesses during this moment, so I want their confidence and beauty to be the most present on my  photos.



Model: Seraphine Strange et Raoul. MUAH: Claire Floriani. Clothes Designer: Jackie Tadeoni. 


SM: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to working with models?
FTP: Yes, I absolutely cannot tolerate models who act like Divas; whom  show up late, and have a negative or bad energy onset, it just makes me feel like I have wasted my time.

SM: What do you have planned for the future?
FTP: Continue to explain myself through these dream worlds that I create, and maybe get a little deeper lost each time in these strange yet beautiful worlds.


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