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Lauren WK Interview




Lauren WK was our cover girl for issue 4. Photos by Redrum Collaboration.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in modeling?

Lauren WK: As a minor, I had a lot of problems at home and with my health.  Often a runaway with doctors' notes to excuse my excessive absences from school, I became friends with a number of performers, musicians, and other artsy types all across the country.  Though my sewing experiments and odd wardrobe tastes were rarely appreciated amongst my schoolmates, they did catch the eye of some photographers among my groups of friends.  I occasionally posed for fun, as excuse to play dress up or as a way to express myself.  In time,it became a serious hobby, and eventually a job.






Sinical Magazine: How did you like working with Redrum Collaboration?

Lauren WK: Amanda and Justin of Redrum are some of my very favorite photographers to work with!  We always work with a fun, talented team and end up with great results.  They each possess certain strengths that compliment each other and improve the entire experience.

Sinical Magazine: When you are away from the camera, what do you do for fun?

Lauren WK: In my free time, I spend a lot of time working on interior design projects, scouring the internet for crafting ideas and antiques, and visiting flea markets and antique stores. When I'm not working on projects, I'm often exploring beautiful old buildings with my roommate or working on scary kitchen experiments with one of my gay neighbors, affectionally nicknamed Gaybor.  We enjoy hosting dinner parties, game nights, and drink a lot of wine for the hell of it nights.






Sinical Magazine: What is currently in your cd/mp3 player?

Lauren WK: My music has a lot to do with my mood, and visa versa.  On a morning off, I'll listen to Nico, while sweeping about my apartment in a vintage robe or housecoat and cooking a slow breakfast.  After a long shoot, I'll head home and sink into a bubble bath with Frank Sinatra.  On a rainy day, I'll put on a Beach Boys vinyl and touch up the paint where one of my drunk friends scraped against my living room wall.  I have some good contemplative nights over Tears for Fears (the depressing albums) and Echo and the Bunnymen.  Lately, I've also found Edith Frost and Alana Stewart to be good thinking music.  When I'm getting ready for an evening out, some eccentric mixture of Violent Femmes, Specimen, Faith No More, The Jackson 5, Shudder to Think, Metric, The Supremes, etc. can be heard blaring from outside of my apartment.  Get a few beers in me and I've been told that I make a very "intimidating" Beyonce!

Sinical Magazine: Do you do your own hair & make-up or is there a make up artist at your shoots?

Lauren WK: From having a small army of stylists on one shoot, to managing it all myself, I have had every possible combination.  No two shoots are the same.






Sinical Magazine: What do you expect from a photographer that works with you?

Lauren WK: Honestly, I can't say that I expect anything, anymore.  However, I hope for mutual respect for each other, common interests, and creative understanding.  Just because it's work, doesn't (usually) mean that we can't have fun and build off of each other's creativity!  If we are working collaboratively, I hope see the results in a timely fashion.  If they give me snacks, then they are extra awesome.

Sinical Magazine: What type of outfits do you prefer to wear?

Lauren WK: I can't say that I have just one style preference.  I have Victorian sets, latex gowns, costly dresses, vintage everything, sequined leotards, petticoats, corsets, and even granny panties.  I just love it all!  Often, when styling myself, I prefer to mix several elements together to create a more unique look.





Sinical Magazine: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Lauren WK: One of my favorites is Abigail Greydanus, for sure!  She is an amazing latex designer, who actually designed and crafted the dress that I wore for this photo shoot.  After we bonded over our love of 30s and 40s furniture, I knew that it was meant to be!

Sinical Magazine: You do cross country photo shoot tours. Does traveling wear you out?

Lauren WK: It sure does.  Lately, I've been sticking closer to home, which enables me to spend more time on other projects and endeavors.






Sinical Magazine: How was the Charlie Sheen roast?

Lauren WK: It was such a fun and interesting day!  I spent the first several hours being painted like a statue, watching the construction of the pre-show party set, and snacking.  The majority of my working time was spent holding still on a pedestal on the middle of the red carpet.  William Shatner gave his only interview at my feet and Charlie Sheen proclaimed that I am his new number one goddess.  For a little trekkie, it was a pretty alright day.

Sinical Magazine: Is there anything that you are working on now that you would like to mention?

Lauren WK: Just world domination.


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