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Lady Victoria Valente Interview


Lady Victoria Valente is a German Dominatrix based in Stuttgart, Germany. This interview is also featured on our sister publication website:

subspace Magazine: How long have you been a professional dominatrix?Lady Victoria Valente: I started out as an active professional dominatrix in 2007. Thanks to my videos I am now known all across the globe and I am happy to see visiting guests coming from many different places.

subspace Magazine: How did you become a dominant?LVV: Well, I have always been someone who likes to try different things a lot. Therefore, since the beginning, aspects of SM have always played a role in my sexual life and to me, it felt like it just naturally had to be part of it. It took a couple of years for me to be able to really identify these tendencies and practices being carried out by myself in my relationship as what they really are - SM.Through my work as a fetish model, I have met a lot of people involved in the SM-scene. Since I had been practicing SM privately for a lot of years, I started asking myself, why not also try to turn this hobby into my profession? I started out with Escort - both accompanying and doing home and hotel visits in the area of Stuttgart but also internationally in Europe. This made me realize that I need a definite place to be able to welcome my guests appropriately. Therefore, in 2007, I chose a renowned studio in Stuttgart where I would be able to do that. So, for some years, I had been working in a very famous studio in Stuttgart before deciding on opening up my own Studio Domatrix in Stuttgart in 2010.

subspace Magazine: What is a dominatrix to you?LVV: To me, a dominatrix is an experienced woman who knows exactly what she's doing, having gained experience through a lot of sessions and working in a studio. By dedicating herself to refining her skills and improving herself, guests can be sure to have their dreams come true and experience an amazing visit due to the dominatrix being able to cater to the needs and desires perfectly. Therefore, a dominatrix must not be misunderstood as just someone who mindlessly dishes out pain or pleasure without putting any work and dedication into it.

subspace Magazine: What are the types of services that you offer in a domination sesssion?LVV: Any kind of roleplaying, foot fetish (as described below), humiliation, sessions over an extended period of time (different kinds of fixations possible if desired). I also love forced orgasms, anal insertion and also TV-training because it is creative and erotic.subspace Magazine: What is your favorite piece of BDSM equipment?
LVV: Well, my favourite toy is my boot-plug. I can attach it to my designerboots and cover the heel with it. This way, I can enter the slave with the heel-plug. A very nice toy indeed.

subspace Magazine: What is your specialty?LVV: I specialize in shoe and foot fetish. My legs are often described as the world's most beautiful ones. I love my genuine nylon stockings and exclusive high heels. I care a lot about the training of my foot slaves! I live out my fondness for nylon stockings and exclusive high heels intesively and passionately. It is the intensity that makes it so special... the foot fetish itself stands for a very sensitive matter and allows a lot of different variations of practices.subspace Magazine: What are some of your fetishes?
LVV: Leather fetish, nylon fetish and high heel/boots fetish, rubberboots fetish, riding boots and riding-breeches.

subspace Magazine: Do you prefer latex or leather clothing?
LVV: I am a leather-fetishist! I possess a huge selection of exclusive leather outfits, which I like to wear both in and also outside of the studio. I like to combine these with my genuine nylon stockings. The finishing touch are fitting high heels that complement the outfit. All outfits seen in my pictures or videos belong to myself and can be worn during a session.subspace Magazine: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?
LVV: There is always a talk prior to the session in which I want to get to know the guest visiting me. In case it is the guest's first visit, the talk is always in great detail. The first session can indeed be very intensive and unique. Therefore, trust and feeling comfortable are a necessity for the guest to be able to completely let go, enjoy and have a great experience.


subspace Magazine: Is S&M a form of psychotherapy?
LVV: Yes, it really is for some guests. Through the session, they deal with or reproduce situations of the past.subspace Magazine: Can you tell us more about your website?
LVV: People can visit my site at and get a good picture of me and my preferences. This site contains links to my other website and my store at Clips4Sale. So in case you are not sure about some things, you can have a look at my movies or clips to see what I am like during a session. This way, it is possible to determine whether it really is what people are looking for and like prior to arranging any actual session. The site (in German) is the website created for information regarding my studio, through which I introduce my team and present the rooms and equipment. The contents of the site are clearly arranged and it's easy to navigate and determine easily who is present in the studio at what times.


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