Print Vs. Digital Magazines

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Are you pro "digital" or pro "print" magazines?

A positive of digital is the ability to carry an archive of magazines on your tablet-based device. If you don't have the physical storage space for printed magazines or books, then storing them on a digital media device is a great benefit. Also, if you are traveling it is easier to store several magazines on your device then it is to carry several printed copies. A negative of digital is file sizes with some digital magazines ranging from 25 Megabytes to 250 Megabytes, and download times.

I prefer having a printed glossy magazine in my hands. I enjoy when a new issue shows up in my mailbox or randomly picking up a new magazine off a newstand. I like the ability to quickly browse back and forth. I like to collect issues. But I do understand the benefits of digital. I believe magazine publishers need to offer their magazines in both mediums to stay relevant.

We launched Sinical Magazine in November 2010 as a digital and print magazine. MagCloud, a printer and distribution service, gave us the option of providing a print version of Sinical at a print-on-demand basis. We did not have the capital to print 10,000 copies and secure a bookstore distributor, but using MagCloud still allowed us to be a print magazine, which is important to me. Most of our readers download the free digital version of Sinical or view the magazine online at It is my ultimate goal to get a print version of Sinical on newstands on a national level, and at a lower cover price to our readers. Our current online cover price is $15.00, and this is due to the high cost of printing an issue (20 cents a page).

Sinical exists because as a photographer I believed alternative and pin up magazines all looked the same. I wanted to create a magazine with an edgy and creative graphic design to support great photography and art. We have built up a staff of people that believe in the same cause.

So whether you download a free copy of Sinical or order a print copy, we appreciate your readership. 




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