The Golden Rules of Alt Haircare by Roxy Vandiver

Photo by Johnny Katana.

The Golden Rules of Alt Haircare

I’ll start by stating that I am not a Professional Hairstylist. I am however, a Professional Alternative Supermodel who gets paid to look great. A huge part of looking great is having healthy, gorgeous hair!

As Alt girls, our hair is a HUGE part of our overall style, look and image. We’re always trying new, creative things with our hair. Often times that means torturing our locks with dyes, chemicals, heat, and accessories that can pull, tug, break and cause damage.

Here is how I keep my hair healthy, strong and beautiful. This article was read and approved by a Paul Mitchell Systems Master Stylist.

Photo by Kenny Haner

Golden Rule #1:  Get your hair cut and colored by a PROFESSIONAL.  When I say Professional, I don't mean some random person at whatever mini-mall crap salon is around the corner, or even that friend of yours who has their beauty license, but for some reason doesn’t actually work in a salon.  I mean a REAL pro in a REAL salon.  Yes it will cost more, but your hair will also look better, be healthier and your style will last longer.

I personally only trust Paul Mitchell stylists in Paul Mitchell Salons. Why? Because Paul Mitchell is the Harvard of Hair. Their products and services are state-of-the-art. Once you find a stylist you like, stick with them.  They will become familiar with your hair type and texture.  They will be honest with you about what your hair is and isn't capable of.  My stylist has straight up told me "Um, no.  We're not giving you THAT haircut, because it wouldn't work for your hairtype."  And I listen.

Golden Rule #2:  Don't use cheap drugstore hair products.  Spring for some fancy stuff.  It's your fucking HAIR!  It's worth the money.  Besides, it takes months to go through a set of shampoo and conditioner, so it's not like you have spend a ton of cash constantly.  Drugstore brands are full of gross chemicals and harsh detergents that can build up in your hair and cause havoc. 

What do I use?  Paul Mitchell Systems.  All of Paul Mitchell's products are fantastic.  *TIP* You can get them at a discount if you buy them at The Paul Mitchell School located at I-10 & Beltway 8 in Houston.  And yes, I paid over $200 for a Paul Mitchell Flatiron.  Why?  Because it is the most technologically advanced iron on the market.  Newsflash:  Your Chi is a piece of shit and it's ruining your hair.

Golden Rule #3:  Stop ripping through your hair like a maniac with your hairbrush.  This is how you end up with broken strands, split ends and flyaways.  Invest about $2 whole dollars into a WIDE toothed comb.  Start at the ends and gently work your way up.  Once you're detangled, then gently brush your hair with your regular hairbrush.

Golden Rule #4:  Actually DO your hair.  People are constantly asking me who styled my hair.  Why?  Because I actually STYLE my hair.  You know those pictures you see of women back in the 1940's and 1950's?  Back then, women had "hairdos".  They spent a little time getting just the right curl or perfect bangs.  Nowadays women are content to blowdry and go.  Which is fine.  But if you want to turn heads, spend more time on your own head.  Don't be scared to experiment with tools.  My favorite:  Velvet Hot Rollers.  I achieved the looks pictured by simply rolling my hair in hot rollers and after removing them I just use my fingers to pull back sections and secure them with little claw clips. I use clear frosted clips so they aren't glaringly obvious.  Get some clips in your haircolor.  A few bobby pins in some choice areas and boom - a gorgeous HAIRDO that people are always admiring.

Golden Rule #5:  Don't wash your hair every single day.  I only wash 2 or 3 times a week. (Yes, I shower everyday, that's what shower caps are for).  Washing your hair every day is bad for it.  Your scalp has natural oils that are good for and protective of your hair.  "But if I don't wash, my hair gets really oily!" you say.  There are solutions for this:  Get a shampoo that is better suited to your hairtype (again, a REAL stylist can help you pick your poison).  Another trick:  Baby Powder!  Lightly sprinkle it on your scalp and shake that mane!  Presto...your scalp is less oily and it smells great!

In closing, I want to make it clear that these are things that work for me. Tips I have picked up over several years of being a professional Alt model who has become very well known for having amazing hair. I was not blessed with simple hair. My natural mane is very red, very thick, super curly and hella frizzy. The things I have presented in this article have helped me work with what nature gave me and make it even better. Do yourself a favor: defy nature! Whether it’s for photoshoots, events, or just because you’re a kickass Alt babe who loves making a statement with your style.{jcomments on}

-Roxy Vandiver

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