Emailing Submissions 101


I have sent countless e-mail submissions to publications over the last 10 years and we at Sinical now receive daily image submissions from models, photographers, and writers. Here are some humble suggestions on the best way to send an e-mail to any publication.


1. Briefly introduce yourself: your name, location, and what you do.

2. Briefly list your credits.

3. Keep to one subject. Don't discuss multiple subjects. Send a seperate email if you need to discuss more than one matter.

4. Don't write in ALL CAPS. ALL CAPS ARE HARDER TO READ. Especially when your whole letter has been written in ALL CAPS.

5. If you are a photographer: send low resolution images, first. Send high resolution images when requested. I personally don't open any files that are 1MB and larger.

6. Don't ask someone to look up your portfolio or Facebook page online somewhere to see your work.

7. Don't let rejection get to you.

8. Use a signature with your contact information.

9. Use spell-check.

10. Don't mass e-mail several publications with your submission. The more people you CC the less likely anyone will respond to it.

11. Don't ask for a cover!

12. Only send your best work and not 2 dozens images.

13. Use a specific title for the subject line. 

The bottom line is: keep it short and simple. If your email is long, it will probably be read later. If there are no images and only links, those links will probably never be clicked.


Send e-mail submissions to: laura @



{jcomments on}



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