Hollis Ireland's & Deanna Deadly's 5 Pet Peeves With Photographers

We've asked models Hollis Ireland and Deanna Deadly to weigh in on 5 pet peeves that they have with photographers. I've personally worked with both models and they are very easy to work with, professional, on time, and great at posing. I highly recommend working with them. Soon, to make it fair, we will be putting out an article on photographers' pet peeves with models. ~ Danny Stygion


1. Unprofessional Behavior/Not Getting Photos

Hollis Ireland: Unprofessional Behavior - This is my #1 pet peeve! Although the definition of professional behavior is obviously subjective and it's breadth wide, there are some basics to running a business that are too often ignored. I have dealt with the inappropriate, non-business-related use of my phone number and email most of all. Some clients find it totally acceptable to ask if I offer services akin to prostitution (which is fine if a female is actually a prostitute, but I am obviously not).  A lot of photographers believe that models can and should be treated differently than other working women, such as customer service representatives, cashiers, or waitresses. Common business courtesies should be extended to ALL women earning a living, regardless of their job titles. Would you text your grocery store cashier at 10pm to ask if the new shipment of vegetables was arriving tomorrow? Would you email your cell carrier's customer service rep to ask "so what's up?" Would you ask your waitress if she'd let you masturbate while she served you dinner? Well, maybe you would, but if that's the case, you aren't any client of mine.

Deanna Deadly: Not getting photos - Number one pet peeve. I have not received photos from over 50 shoots. One in England even and the majority of shoots from my travels. It hurts to know I could have at least gone and been a tourist instead of being cooped up in someones studio who had no intention of editing any photos. Its extremely unfortunate that some photographers don't care enough about photography to edit photos. It makes me extremely angry but I unfortunately can't do anything about it.


2. Constant Compliments/Being Overly Complimented

Hollis Ireland: Constant Compliments That Border on Sexual Harassment - I cannot imagine how extremely difficult it might be for a male to understand how overly-complimenting a female could be negative, but the line is an often fine one to walk. Most models, myself included, enjoy hearing a few well-placed compliments during a shoot. Feedback is always helpful in the artistic process. However, some photographers take it to the extreme and can't seem to curb their perpetual compliment vomit. Others believe that sexually-charged comments are acceptable because a model is comfortable in the nude. I'm a chatty, social butterfly that loves talking and joking with my clients during shoots, and many of my photographers have become trusted friends. However, this fact does not excuse those that choose to spew lines like "You have the most amazing pussy ever," or "You are just hot, hot, hot! Wowza! Look at that ass!" If you've hired me, I know you obviously find me less than ugly. It's nice to hear compliments when spoken respectfully, but please remember that I am still a businesswoman, and I deserve to be treated no differently than any other employed female.

Deanna Deadly: Being overly complimented - I get over complimented on shoots all the time. Its one of those things that men don't realize can make women feel uncomfortable. When it overly has to do with my body it can make me feel extremely uncomfortable but its one of those things that you cant really explain to photographers. They won't understand and most of the time they don't mean harm when they overly compliment you.


3. Big Egos

Hollis Ireland: Big Egos - I find this topic to be a no-brainer. To put it simply, who could possibly enjoy working with an asshole? Appreciation for one's own  creation and skills is one thing; believing it puts you above those that are working just as hard but with less success is another. I work with clients based on their interests, professional demeanor, and budget. Choosing a friendly, enthusiastic amateur over an aloof, egotistical professional has never been a difficult decision.

Deanna Deadly: Big Egos - I thankfully have not dealt with too many big egos because if a photographer is going to have a big ego you generally know when conversing about the shoot with them ahead of time. Being proud of your work is completely fine but having a huge ego will eventually be every photographer's downfall in my opinion because it GENERALLY means they are rude and don't treat all models well.


4. Last Minute Cancellations (wihin 24-48 hours)

Hollis Ireland: Last-Minute Cancellations (Within 24-48 Hours) From Photographers Who Refuse to Pay a Kill Fee - Dealing with cancellations in an open, independently-run niche is difficult because it involves building trust. If a photographer cancels, I don't have his credit card number on file to charge a fee like most businesses often do. I have to hope beyond hope that he will see the merit in paying me for my wasted time and lost income. He also has to trust that I will follow through in my agreement not to slander him over the cancelled shoot once he pays my fee. Cancellations don't effect hobbyist models as harshly, but losing gigs is financially painful for full-time professionals, especially when we're forced to cover our own travel expenses. All freelance workers, not only models and photographers, can experience heavy, personal set-backs from too many cancelled gigs. I am endlessly appreciative of those who do agree to pay me a "kill fee," and I put them at the top of my list for photographers to contact when I tour their area again. Paying it forward, literally and figuratively, will never be effort wasted on or left unappreciated by a freelance artist.

Deanna Deadly: Last minute cancellations - I've been extremely lucky to not have photographers cancel on me last minute (knock on wood!) but even when a photographer cancels on me 2-3 days ahead of time when Im traveling its a huge burden on me. Most give a silly reason and don't offer any kind of compensation. If every photographer that cancelled on me last minute sent me $20-$50 It would make things a lot easier for me. I even had THREE Photographers in the UK cancel on me within a day or two of our shoot, 1 of the three sent me the full shoot cost in full but the other two didn't even send me a full paragraph about why they couldn't shoot.


5. Forcing a Friendship in an Uncomfortable Manner/Being Weird

Hollis Ireland: Forcing a Friendship in an Uncomfortable Manner - The topic of client-hiree relations can be a bit fuzzy because there are an endless amount of arrangements one can have with his or her employer, and none are inherently right or wrong. In general, I like most of my photographer clients. I obviously deal with an annoying amount of unprofessional, tactless men as well, or I wouldn't be writing this article. For the majority of my gigs, I enjoy candid conversation, laughter, and the occasional post-shoot dinner with those that hire me. Some of the individuals with whom I work, especially those close to my age, naturally become good friends. The key word, however, is "naturally." I find it generally appropriate to form a working relationship with any professional first, and then move forward with a friendship only if he or she seems interested. Inappropriately candid, discomfort-inducing comments, texts messages at all hours of the night, flirtatious Facebook messages, or over-extending oneself in an effort to spend time with a model are all examples of things not to do when attempting to make the leap from client to friend. Our friendship shouldn't be based on the fact that I'm a "hot chick." I will naturally want to be your friend if we have enough in common and good chemistry. Not every client has to be a friend. Sometimes business is just that: business, and that can be said of every single employed individual in the world.

Deanna Deadly: Being weird - This is kind of a subjective one. I feel like every photographer I shoot with is weird! Im weird! But there is a nice, comfortable weird and then there is a "you're going to chain me up in your basement, aren't you?" weird. A lot of photographers I feel like hire models to talk a lot of the time because they are not very social people, which is fine, but keeping the overly weird to a minimum is always appreciated.


Hollis Ireland -

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Deanna Deadly -

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If you are a model and have some pet peeves of your own, speak out and let us know in the comments!

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