Bigger Influence on Alt Models: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

bettie page


Bettie Page or Dita von Teese...

We've asked several models who they think is a bigger influence on today's alternative and fetish models. Bettie Page became famous in the 1950s for her pin up and bondage photos. Her jet black hair and trademark bangs influenced models for generations. Dita Von Teese started to make a name for herself in the 1990's and 2000's and helped re-popularize burlesque performance and fetish modeling landing covers on prominent magazines such as Playboy, and fetish/alt magazines such Bizarre and Marquis. Without Bettie Page there is no Dita, but Dita definetly made fetish modeling and burlesque more popular and paved the way for other alt/fetish models to incorporate burlesque performing into their overall art.


dita influence

Photo by Chas Ray Krider.


Here's what the models had to say:


Myra Snöflinga: Both woman are very special. But I think Bettie Page, being one of the first Pin up models, has a very great influence to all us alternative models and women. At least even to Dita Von Teese. She opend up a door for many women.

Noise Noire: I love Dita for her burlesque and Bettie for staying so natural - but both of them are still true to themselves. And I like the fact that Bettie was curvy. I think thats important when beeing in public: Still looking like yourself and not as others may want you!

SaphirNoir: That is Dita Von Teese. I consider her more stylish than Bettie.

Fräulein Kafka: That's a tricky one! I have to say that Dita von Teese is more of an influence to me, but perhaps that's only because she shares my love for waist reducing corsets.

Melissa Drew: This is a tough one for me. I want to say Bettie Page simply for the fact that she came first, but I really think Dita Von Teese has done more and embraced the lifestyle much more.

Rachel Rampage: Dita Von Teese has kept the pin up ball rolling! And what a lady!

Scary Miss Mary: Dita Von Teese, I think. She's so pretty and I love her style but more important is her attitude, her femininity!

Xlcr Moon: Dita Von Teese, I love her almost vampiric elegance.

La Esmeralda: Dita! I am jealous every time I see her sparkling corsets.

Nephania: I'll have to go for Dita.

Melissa Hayward: Bettie Page because she was a pioneer of pin up modelling, I have a Bettie tattoo on my arm.

Ewel: I`d say Dita.

Drakaena: Dita Von Teese of course. First of all she’s beautiful, she has a great plastique, a lots of class, elegance and charm. Her pictures are wonderful. She is a real model.



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