Gear review: LumiQuest Softbox III

1/125 @ f/2.8 @ 100 ISO - 50mm

Model: Crystal Piper

The LumiQuest III Softbox is a flash-mountable softbox. The front of the softbox is 8x9 inches and it folds flat so it can easily fit in most bags. The softbox III is made out of vinyl and attaches to your speedlight with velcro straps or to a speed strap.

After several photo shoots with this light modifier, I've found I like using it best off camera with a sync cord attached to my flash so I can utilize TTL. I will hold the flash with softbox in my left hand and the camera in my right hand. I use a CTO gel to warm up the light. This softbox is best at close range - about 2.5 feet away from your subject. 

In a recent shoot with Crystal Pieper I had her face away from the sun, so the harsh sun was the backlight. The softbox was held to the left of the camera just slightly above her head at a 45 degree angle. The softbox produced nice, soft light.

The softbox is not very useful for full length shots. For that I would use a shoot through umbrella. The Softbox III is best suited for close-up portrait work. The Softbox III retails for under $40. I've been using it a lot, so it was worth the purchase. If you need a portable light modifier, I recommend picking this up. ~ Danny Stygion

1/125 @ f/2.8 @ 100 ISO - 50mm

Shoot through umbrella (left), reflector/diffuser (right)


Find out more info at LumiQuest's official website here. Sinical Magazine has no affiliation with LumiQuest.


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