Chas Ray Krider On Lighting

Model: Hollis Ireland.

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Chas Ray Krider is a published fetish photographer. He has two books out published by Taschen Publishing: "Motel Fetish" and "Do Not Disturb". You can see more of his wok at or

My lighting is very low tech. The setup is fairly consistent, session to session, image to image. I predominately use continue light sources rather than strobe. I prefer continuous lighting for a creating sense of a believability within my images.

Generally I use a three light set up: a basic interior room lamp with shade, and two hot lights with a 12 inch and 10 inch dish reflectors. The interior lamp may have a 75 watt bulb, with the reflectors having 100 watt quartz floods. The over all exposure is based on the lamp. I dial the expose down until the shade has detail and is not blowing out. The lamp light serves as an overall ambient fill light. The 12 inch is the main light. The 10 inch is used for accent and rim light, aimed at the model from the side or behind, or at the floor in order to separate the model out from the background.


Model: Emily

On the reflectors I use light gauge diffuser, for one, to soften the bare bulb edge, and two, to reduce the light out put until it is in balance with the lamp. Same goes for the 10 inch reflector. I move the main light and accent various distance from the model until each source is in balance. I don’t use a light meter. I can pretty much estimate the balance by eye. Since I shoot digital I can easily and quickly tell when one of the lights is too far out of balance.

Actual placement of each reflector’s height and distance in relation to the model varies. The distance placement is determined by the need to get the light falling on the model to be in balance with the lamp. Light placement if also determined by the quality, angle and where the shadows fall on the model. In most case the 12 inch main is keep low for cinematic drama. The 10 inch is then placed where need for affect.


Model: Mizz Amanda Marie


The camera setting can vary. My whole process of using ambient and low level continuous light is extremely slow. The camera is on a tripod, the ISO maybe 100 to 400. The shutter can range from 1/4 of a second to slower. Aperture at 5.6 to 11, whatever the model can hold. ~ Chas Ray Krider


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