Book review: My Favorite Model

Model: Carlotta Champagne. Photo by Richard Warren.


Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books.

My Favorite Model is a large hardcover book similar to Goliath's Latex Fashion Photography book. The book is 320 pages and the dimensions are 6.8 x 10.1 inches. The book is edited by Mike Bunge and Stephanie Kuhnen. The designer is Tanja Oberst. Carlotta Campgane is the cover model. She is photographed by Richard Warren.

The book features the work of 43 photographers who share images of their favorite model. Among the contributors are Bob Coulter, Emma Delves_broughton, Christine Kessler, Katja Erhardt, and many others. Models such as Ulorin Vex (twice!), Julie Strain, and Liz Ashley are featured in the book. 


Model: Michaela. Photo by Richard Murrian.

After the contents page, there is a short introduction presented in several languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). There is full nudity throughout the book. The clothing ranges from sexy lingerie, latex fetish attire, to regular clothing worn in a sexy manner, such as an unbuttoned white dress shirt that is wet. Each model and photographer has a 6-8 page pictorial. There is a 1-page Q&A with each model.

Model: Estella. Photo by Martin Pelzer.

The settings range from indoors to outdoors. Besides a studio setting, the indoor locations are luxorious hotel rooms, apartments, bathrooms, and industrial settings. A desert landscape is used for an outdoor photo set, a rooftop is used for another set, and the other outdoor locations are mainly wooded areas. There is a large variety of backdrops and lighting situations to be found in this book.

Model: Kumi. Photo by Eric Martin.

My favorite photo sets are located on pages 10-15 (Michaela/Photos by R. Warren), 18-25 (Carlotta Champagne/Photos by R. Warren), 42-49 (Estella/Photos by M. Pelzer), 94-101 (Veronika/Photos by J. Green), and 226-233 (Ulorin Vex/Photos by Katja Ehrhardt). At the end of the book there is brief information on each of the photographers. They list things such as what type of camera they use, lighting equipment, magazine publication credits, etc.

For different reasons some models stand out as a photographer's main muse and inspire the photographer to produce his best work. And My Favorite Model showcases a great variety of beautiful and interesting muses. Not every model and photo set hits the mark. There are a few models I found less then inspiring, and there are several that I would love to collaborate with and photograph someday. 

Overall, this is a great collection of mostly high quality images in a beautiful bound coffee-table book. There are many visual details to be found in this book and I will definetly be re-visiting this collection from time to time for inspiration. ~ Danny Stygion



Publisher: GOLIATH -

ISBN: 978-3936709315


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