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Kari Berg Interview


This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical Europe 2014. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Order a copy here.

Photography by Nikdesign.
Model/hair/makeup/styling: Kari Berg.
Shoes: Hades Footwear.


Sinical Magazine: Where were you born? Where are you currently located?

Kari Berg: I was born in Östersund, Jämtland in Sweden but lived in a tiny village called Borgvattnet (known for its haunted vicarage). At the moment I live in Umeå, Sweden.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in modeling?

Kari Berg: I started acting at a very early age but put it aside when I turned 17 and started focus more on music. It didn’t take long for me to miss it deeply so I thought about modeling as a substitute for it. A couple of month before my 18th birthday I did my first serious photo shoot and that was the beginning of my career as a model.



Sinical Magazine: What was the first magazine you came across that made you want to become a model? If not a magazine, what inspired you?

Kari Berg: I was inspired by the thought of playing different characters, so I believe that was what triggered me to start modeling. Since I write stories and novels I usually get many scenes in my head that I would like to get down on paper, but a lot of the times I also want to get them photographed when I feel that a scene could give a good feeling to the viewer. So one could say I got inspired from movies and theatres, rather than magazines, and that led me into modeling.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Kari Berg: That probably depends on what kind of modeling you work in. For me it’s always been that the model has the ability to play different characters and change looks easily plus having strong eyes. A model to me (and also the modeling industry) is a changeable “object” and not someone who looks the same on all pictures, you are there to sell what you are wearing or using, not to make pictures for your private photo album. Sure, in the alternative business it’s become important for some to have a distinctive style so people recognize you (for example tattoos, a certain hair colour or piercings). Then it’s more important that you deliver your “brand”, for example a certain attitude, feeling and pose, personality one could say, rather than an ability to change looks. As for me, I try to combine the best of two worlds, coming from a model background but also being an artist.



Sinical Magazine: From a model’s perspective, what do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Kari Berg: There are a lot of things that together makes a great photo and I think you need to look at the overall picture to get the feeling of what’s being said but, I also know that a model use pictures to get more work and that is why it’s also important that the model himself/herself feels that they are presented in the best way. This can mean that you eyes delivers a feeling, your body is in a favourable position and that your part of the picture is something you feel pleased about.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what are your fetishes and why?

Kari Berg: I have always loved 18th century dresses with hoopskirts, bustledresses and corsets. It’s elegant and the garments underneath are always really hot. It might be the old school vampire in me that feels for that era where the elegance, romance and a morbid fascination with death have put its mark. I have also always loved tight fitting garments, I think that’s why both corsets and latex have been really close to me. When I first came across latex as a garment I was so intrigued that it finally existed clothes that was so close to your body that it most of the times barley feels like you are wearing anything at all. A shiny latex outfit can make you feel like an unbeatable (and fierce) supervillain or a sexy vixen, but what almost all garments have in common is that the fabric makes everything feel hotter. Of course I have a love for high-heels and sexy lingerie too. I believe that all clothes that make you feel sexy, beautiful and comfortable with yourself are things that can also develop into a fetish.



Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Kari Berg: A lot of goth, synth, classical and visual kei but I’m an all eater also. I like bands like for example The Sister of Mercy, The Cure, Malice Mizer, Shakespears Sister, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes, Siouxsie and the Banshees and David Bowie. I do listen to musicals and comedy songs also from time to time.

Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Kari Berg: In Umeå where I live at the moment it’s not perfectly accepted among the mainstream people to be alternative. But we do have a nice alternative festival called Sunset Park and sometimes there is also a fetish club that focuses on latex here. It is a town that have produced some alt/fetish models, photographers and designers so you can see that the will is here from a lot of people even though the society in general have been treating this culture with very little respect.



Sinical Magazine: Besides modeling, what else do you like to do for fun?

Kari Berg: Sing. It’s what I live for. I’m also a PC gaming nerd (DDO for example) but since I’m focusing on my careers it’s hard to get time over for it right now. Acting might belong to modeling a little but it’s something I like. Daydreaming up stories is really fun, I occasionally act them out on my own just to see how it would look or sound in real life so I can write them down more accurate, it probably looks really fun if you would look at it from the outside.

Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your music project?

Kari Berg: Right now I’m working on a solo project that I’ve been planning and developing for a while. I can’t tell you any details yet, but I will as soon as anything is official. I’m really looking forward to getting everything done since this is something really inspiring. Unfortunately, I have to keep quiet about it for a while longer.


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