Book review: Dirty Rendezvous: Pretty Pervy and Perfectly Sexy - Chas Ray Krider


Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books.

Chas Ray Krider is a legendary fetish photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. He has two books of fetish photography that have been previously published by Taschen Publishing company: Motel Fetish and Do Not Disturb. He has a new book out called: Dirty Rendezvous: Pretty Pervy and Perfectly Sexy.

Goliath’s release “Dirty Rendezvous: Pretty Pervy and Perfectly Sexy” by photographer Chas Ray Krider is a high quality hardcover book. The book is 192 pages. The dimensions of the book are 10.2 x 6.9 x 0.8 inches.

This book features over 200 images by Chas Ray Krider. After the contents page, there is a short introduction entitled “Shameless in Technicolor” which is presented in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian). The book features some of the top alt/fetish models such as Angela Ryan, Ludella Hahn, Miss Crash, among others. These models are players in Krider's surreal, colorful, and erotic world. 



Chas Ray Krider has stated in past interviews that his work is greatly inspired by film noir. Noir is part of his world view. And an important film (not noir per se) for him is Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, with the film's intermingled themes of dreams, obsession and fetishism. These themes can be found in Krider's work. Krider feels his work can be considered "sex noir." 



The settings featured in "Dirty Rendezvous" are retro motel rooms with girls dressed in vintage lingerie, with a focus on fully fashioned stockings and girdles. The props include vintage lamps, ashtrays, glasses, a deck of playing cards, and other items. Krider's visual obsessions are with women's derriere's, stockinged feet, high heels and bondage. Krider uses continuous lighting in his work and generally uses a three light set up. He has stated that he shoots on a tripod with slow shutter speeds and a low aperture to capture the mixture of ambient and low level continous light. His lighting technique is consistent and he is a master of it.  David Lynch is oftened mentioned when people talk about Krider's photographs, and I think it's because of the mood that they set in their work. There is a great sense of atmosphere in the photos featured in the book.



"Dirty Rendezvous" is filled with great images, but my favorite photos are located on pages 10-11, 64-65 (Angela Ryan), 70-71 (model?), 94-95 (model?), 139 (Sophie King). Chas Ray Krider is one of my favorite fetish photographers and I feel one of the best ever in the field. I highly recommend this book to fans of fetish/erotic photography. ~ Danny Stygion


Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN-13: 978-3936709650


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