Thursday, 22 February 2018

Music Interview: Astraea Invade


Astraea Invade creates and shares Blackwave, Cybergothic, Ambient, Metallic, Electronic and/or Acoustic music for morbid and mystical souls.

Sinical Magazine: What type of equipment and software do you use to create your music?

Astraea Invade: Garage Band! Along with the non-sentient entities Maul (B.C. Rich Warlock), Griefbringer (Peavey Millstone EXP Bass), Apollonia (Boss Dr. Rhythm 660), Vanity (Boss Dr. Rhythm 660), a Digitech Legend GS Guitar Effects Rack, an M-Audio Oxygen49, a Kustom KBA30 bass amp and a heavily used Metal Zone distortion pedal when applicable.

Sinical Magazine: What style would you consider your music?

Astraea Invade: I fancy the term Cyber Death Industrial Blackwave to denote the heavy influences from the darkwave, gothic, electronic, EBM, noise/death industrial, ambient, black metal, death metal, thrash metal, etc. But there is stuff that’s maybe pure adult contemporary or acoustic. But the blackwave concept is the main focus.

Sinical Magazine: Is there a philosophy behind your music?

Astraea Invade: There is a concept of Higher Art that I gleamed from a Burzum interview that stuck. The idea that art could change & enlighten a person at an ideological level and how they perceive the world and themselves if it was composed and then experienced a certain way. I like to think this is the holy grail of A.I.’s life quest.

Sinical Magazine: Is there a song that is more personal to you than the others?

Astraea Invade: There is a CD sampler in the works for early 2014 which will include a gothic darkwave song called “Be Loved” that perfectly explains what I feel is the spiritual truths about love (sans Christian references surprisingly). But currently, “Super Tank War Europa” is a favorite because it encapsulates certain Futurist ideas I like. It is a tribute to the book Neuromancer and is the latest experiment in this blackwave musical artform which is exciting to me.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your influences?

Astraea Invade: Burzum, October Project, Yendri, Possessed, Die Form, Evil’s Toy, Garbage, Funker Vogt, Immolation, Tiamat, The Shroud and many, many more. Atmosphere is everything!

Sinical Magazine: What movies and which filmmakers have inspired your music?

Astraea Invade: Event Horizon, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Roman Polanski, Brontë movies, all the Dunes, The Snow Queen, The Sentinel (1977), Incubus (1966), The Cutting Edge, The Mist, the New French Extremity (Martyrs, Irreversible, etc.) & the entire Star Trek Voyager series.

Sinical Magazine: How does your city inspire your music?

Astraea Invade: Oklahoma City is like the Maiden of the Plains. The night skyline puts one in the mind of the city as a living thing and its place in the flux of human civilization. At some level of reflection its easy to imagine the city mourning when bad things happen to it’s beloved people or smiling with glittering eyes when good things do. If only one could but find a way to express or represent this…

Sinical Magazine: Where can people hear more of your music?

Astraea Invade: Under Invade, there was a song called “Society Of The Frozen Shroud” that is extremely important to upcoming Astraea Invade concepts. This song was remixed by the German Dark Electro Industrial artist Yendri and published on her album “Fluch Und Segen” on Matrix Cube/Trisol.

And there are collaborations with AIvC7 (blackwave industrial metal with Miguel Reiner from Vision In black), DarkDaze (dark electro industrial metal with Greenhauz on soundcloud) and upcoming appearances on Psychopomp 11 stuff (OKC, symphonic black metal) to keep an eye out for. |


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