Low key lighting/Backlighting (Off-Camera Flash Photography)

Model: Bat Cave. Dominatrix hat: Joanna Lark.

Photography by Danny Stygion

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In this photo shoot: three speedlights were used. Two speedlights (Yongnuo YN-560 II's) were placed behind the model on stands and directed towards the camera. One speedlight (Nikon SB-600) was in a 24x24" soft box and placed to the left of the camera. 4 Yongnuo Rf-603 triggers/receivers were used on the equipment and all flashes were set to Manual mode. A silver reflector was on the opposite side to lessen some of the shadows on the right side. The backdrop was a 10x12 black muslin backdrop. The model was standing 6 feet away from the background and I was about 6 feet in front of her. The camera lens was a 50mm Nikkor lens. The camera settings: f/11 - 1/160 - ISO 100. RAW. White balance: Flash. The important thing is to first expose for the ambient light to make sure everything is completely black and then to add the flash in.

The model, Bat Cave, always has interesting colored hair and she has a great collection of Gothic jewelry and outfits. The Dominatrix hat was sent to us by UK-based designer: Joanna Lark (http://www.joannalark.com). Look for a full interview and more pictures of Bat Cave in the October issue of Sinical. ~ Danny Stygion





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