Lighting with Snoots (Off-Camera Flash Photography)

Model: Southern Candy. Location: Boheme.

Camera settings: f/5.6 - 1/125 sec. - ISO 100. 50mm.

Photography by Danny Stygion

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In the three photos in this article from 2013 photo shoots, I worked with two speedlights (Nikon SB-600 and a Yongnuo YN-560 II) and used basically the same lighting setup each time. One speedlight (the main light) had a snoot on it and the other had a red gel scotched tape to the flash head (the backlight). A snoot is basically a restrictive tunnel for light to go through. I work with three snoots: the Rogue 3-1 HoneyComb Grid, Gary Fong's PowerSnoot, and a Pringles can that has been converted into a snoot and spray painted matte black. The flashes are set to Manual mode. The backlight flash is pointed straight up towards the ceiling. In the last image with Veronica Gomez, the backlight flash is set a little off to the right. The power settings on the flash will have to be adjusted to whatever looks right to you. These images were shot in RAW so the white balance settings didn't matter, but I believe I had the WB set to Cloudy on my Nikon DSLR. I like this simple setup and I feel the red adds some nice warmth to the imagery. ~ Danny Stygion

Model: Crystal Pieper. Location: Casulo Hotel - Austin, Texas. 

Camera settings: f/5.6 - 1/160 sec. - ISO 400. 50mm.

Model: Veronica Gomez. Location: Nouveau Antique Art Bar.

Camera settings: f/8. 1/125 sec. ISO 200. 50mm.


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