Saturday, 24 February 2018

Anastasia Volodina Interview


Photograpy by Elena Iglaness


Anastasia Volodina is a fetish model based in Moscow, Russia. This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical Latex. Print copies can be purchased here.

Sinical Magazine: When were you born and where? Where are you currently located?

Anastasia Volodina: I was born on August 5th 1992 in Moscow, and I’m still living there at the moment.

Sinical Magazine: What was the first fetish/or alt. magazine that you came across that made you want to become a model? If not a magazine, what inspired you?

Anastasia Volodina: I like “Marquis” magazine. Perhaps some of you hasve seen me in issue no. 60. It’s a great honour for me! Also I’m a fan of retro fetish photos, so I love old magazines like “Atomage.” I cannot give you a clear answer about my inspiration. It comes from within, and not from books or movies.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alt/fetish modeling?

Anastasia Volodina: I never thought to become a model, I just liked to create images for myself, and dress up in fetish clothes. Three years ago my friend invited me to do a photo shoot and I liked the result. Many photographers contact me about doing shoots now, but I cannot call myself a model. It’s a hobby, but I’m happy to get positive feedback. It’s simply amazing! Some people send me their artwork that is inspired by my photos. A person from Japan created statuettes of me. It’s shocking!

Sinical Magazine: From a model’s perspective, what do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Anastasia Volodina: Good makeup, stylish hair, and professional lighting.



Sinical Magazine: How do you think the alt/fetish modeling scene has evolved since you started?

Anastasia Volodina: To be honest, I do not follow the news of alt/fetish scene, but I think now you can see more and more girls with tattoos and synthetic hair in latex clothes.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Anastasia Volodina: My height is 173 cm. Bust: 93 cm, waist: 63cm, hips: 94 cm.



Sinical Magazine: What is your shoe size?

Anastasia Volodina: 8 (USA)/ 38.5 - 39 (EU).

Sinical Magazine: The fetish clothing focus of this issue is on latex. What do you like about latex fetish clothing?

Anastasia Volodina: I’m rubber fetishist, so I love the second skin feeling. My passion is to be fully enclosed in rubber clothes, with a gasmask and cape.



Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Anastasia Volodina: My favorite musicians are Klaus Nomi, David Bowie, and Mylene Farmer.

Sinical Magazine: Besides modeling, what do you like to do for fun?

Anastasia Volodina: I love reading books. At the moment I’m reading “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. Recently, I have started riding a bicycle. I also like collecting scary dolls and I have developed a large collection.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to mention?

Anastasia Volodina: I will not talk about future projects. You’ll see everything in the near future! |


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