Anita De Bauch On Nylons


Model: Anita De Bauch

Adam Robertson Photography

Lingerie: Playful Promises

This article appeared in Sinical #17.

I hope that whoever reads this particular article has a pair of fully fashioned nylon stockings to hand while they do, on their legs, in their hands, or wherever..! It’s nice to actually feel what someone is describing for yourself, I think...

Speaking personally, I love the feel of a pair of fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings fresh from a new pack. Even before I get to feel them, I even find how they look in the cellophane package titillating- there’s that exagerated curve of the seam marking out the ideal female calf, and the reinforced foot and Cuban heel just waiting to be filled with a warm, living foot with a perfectly pedicured row of toes. There is eroticism in what is imagined, rather than explicitly seen.



I like to wear stockings in classic beige and black. Nothing says “vamp” like a fully fashioned pair of black seamed stockings with 6” Fabulously Fetish heels and a tightly cinched pencil dress, or Burberry raincoat in the winter time. It is one of those fetish outfits you really can incorporate into your everyday life in the real world, and get away with! Beige stockings have a subtler appeal; I love to wear them with more prim clothing, or a pretty summer dress, as if to innocently say, “Who, me?” I love seeing other girls wearing them too; it’s great when you suddenly realise that someone is wearing beige fully fashioned seamed stockings. I feel as if I’ve discovered a naughty secret, instantly making me feel a kinship with them, my stocking sisters.

Once freed from the original packaging, which I put to one side to package them when they eventually ladder and I sell them to a member of the public via, I can never resist throwing one into the air to watch it float down. Proper non-stretch stockings made on vintage machinery, the only kind I wear, move in their own unique, graceful, ethereal way. Their cobweb-like delicacy begs you to touch them with just the tip of your finger, so gently, as if they were asleep; and then you simply have to try them on.



I still don’t own a pair of the soft gloves you are supposed to wear when putting on stockings, to protect them from your fingers. Maybe I subconsciously don’t want to lose out on feeling the skin on my leg being transformed under my very fingertips, forming a second skin that I can simultaneously feel from the inside with my legs and feet, and from the outside with my hands. So often, I’m in a hurry when I put on stockings, to leave the house or jump in front of a camera, but I love having the luxury of being able to take a few extra moments over it. Whether I’m in a hurry or not, every day at home, I wake up under a chandelier, on silk sheets, and put on my stockings and suspenders.

I find the easiest way to check if my seams are straight is in a full-length mirror. I stand with my back to it, legs straight, and yes, bend right over until my face is level with my shins to check those seams in the mirror and smooth them out with my palms! Although it’s not authentically vintage, I do prefer six-strap suspender belts to four, because they help to keep the seams straight. I like to attach the back straps perfectly in line with the seams, so that my lover could slowly run a finger or tongue all the way from my heel to my waist, perhaps pausing a moment at the little keyhole! Do the keyholes remind anyone else of neat little vaginas, or is that just me?



Playful Promises always send me lovely packages of lingerie in the post, so I always have a bra and knickers to match the suspender belt. Some days it almost doesn’t matter what you’re wearing over the top, although if I’m at home, my favourite thing is my ankle-length sheer black robe. Perhaps it is because the fabric of the robe mimics that of the stockings; sheer nylons are sexy because they hide the desired body just a little, while also enhancing it, presenting it as a sexual object, then locking it away behind a barrier just thick enough to prevent skin-to-skin contact. As Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch wrote in nineteenth century fetish classic Venus in Furs, “ powerfully sensuality and lust are aroused by flesh that is only partly revealed.” |


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