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Interview: Irene Boss (2017)


Photography by MIB ProMedia LLC


This interview was featured in the March/April issue of Sinical Magazine. Print or digital copies can be purchased here.

Mistress Irene Boss is a world renowned, award-winning professional dominatrix. Her 3 story 6000 square foot Compound is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has produced 200+ kinky and educational Fem Dom films and is highly regarded as a knowledgable scene player in the professional Fem Dom BDSM community.


Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you were dominant?

Irene Boss: My entire life I’ve known that. I just thought I had a difficult personality when I was young, but I think I’m very lucky to have stumbled upon this because it suits me. I knew I could be a pro domme when i was in my mid-twenties. I knew I was dominant way before then however. I always knew that I would like to be in charge of something and that I would probably never be happy unless I was doing my own thing, so becoming a dominatrix was the best decision I could have made. I’ve been doing this for over 22 years, btw. It’s a long time. So this has suited me better than anything else I’ve done, and I think of this more as a vocation rather than a job or an occupation, because it takes up so much of your life.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become a professional dominant?

Irene Boss: The people who enjoyed being dominated led me that way before I was a pro domme. I worked in strip bars, and I’m not ashamed of that. I did a lot of burlesque type activity. I was really into fetish. People who were into fetishes were very interested in me, because I would wear strange things that no one else was wearing. I would procure odd things and wear things dominatrixes would wear for example, or just odd girldes and different types of stockings and pantyhose. I attracted people to me that were into BDSM, so I learned about BDSM in a very different way. I came into it before the internet, so there weren’t any ways to learn online. I learned from reading books and through doing appointments. When I started as a pro domme, I listened to what people had to say who wanted to have a session with me. I was very honest with them. I really didn’t know what I was doing and I just told them that, and I said I had a lot of enthusiasm and I’m curious about this, so I basically just tried everything. I learned what I was good at and what I wanted to continue doing. That’s how it all began, which is a different way in than a lot of people have had, so I was never mentored. I discovered it, and my artwork also led me into this direction. This is something that had been brewing for a while.



Sinical Magazine: What do you mean by artwork?

Irene Boss: I am a visual artist at heart. My degree is in performance art and video production from CMU, so I actually went to school and almost thought I was going to become a professor someday but that didn’t happen. I ended up having a lot of education. I went to several schools. Most of my landscape artwork was erotic in tone and it looked like body parts. It looks like torture and it looked like sex, and I didn’t see any of this in it, but a lot of other people did. I did a lot of abstract expressionism early on, and of course my performance art always had a lot of edge to it. My family actually pointed out to me these elements in my artwork and I looked at it a second and third time and said you know you’re right, so then when I became aware of how this was affecting people, I really played up on it and made some pretty interesting paintings and sculptures back when I was doing that. In fact, my studio out in Orange County has a lot of this artwork in it. I wanted to make it a very unique place. And the compound in Pittsburgh... I really turned it into a dungeon/art gallery.

Sinical Magazine: When it came to sessions, what were some of your favorite things to do?

Irene Boss: I discovered that I’m sort of a bondage top because I’m a bit of a gear head and I like to collect stuff. My play rooms are kind of like musuems in the way that they’re set up, and they’re very visually compelling, so if someone comes and plays with me, they can look around the room and get ideas. I watch their eyes move around and watch where they go and how their eyes light up and I get ideas for scenes. I’m pretty imtuitive since I’ve been doing it for a long time, so if someone is interested in one thing they might be interested in another.



Sinical Magazine: What does the term subspace mean to you?

Irene Boss: I think of subspace as a trance-type mindset someone can get into that’s kind of like somnambulance with extreme exercise like yoga. It’s definitely a mental state. In fact, I recommend yoga practice to many of the submissive and masochisitic people I play with because it helps balance their energy, but I find a lot of people who enjoy heavy exercise have a much easier time getting into what I like to call subspace or headspace, and there’s also top-space, it’s a complimentary-type thing, but it’s not the same thing as subspace. I would call it a warm and woozy kind of wonderful place to be. It’s very addicitive and also very cathartic. And some people complain that they can never reach it, but it’s kind of like women who say they’ve never had an orgasm. I think some people have actually experience subspace and they just don’t know it and they’re making too big of a deal out of it. It’s one of those aha things, and it’s also one of those things that if you try to hard you’ll probably never get there. So when people complain to me they have trouble experience it, the first thing I try to do is eliminate the things that might be blocking it, because I understand why people would want to seek it out. It’s something I definietly like to give them, and I’m able to achieve that as a bondage-top, because a lot of my sessions are very long. So that’s just something that’s going to happen and those people know it. They’re already comfortable playing. That’s why those types of scenes involve a lot of sensory deprivation like hoods, different kinds of blindfolds, mind machines. All those fun things, to help a person to trance out more easily. So that kind of stuff is very popular in bondage play.

Sinical Magazine: What do you like to achieve during a first time session?

Irene Boss: I would hope that they would get a good understanding of themselves and what they would want to accomplish by coming in. I would hope that they would feel good after the session and not feel bad. I hope that they would come away with it feeling like their energy has changed in a positive way, because I view what I do as energy work. I view myself as a BDSM energy worker. That means I interact with the energy of other people, and often I play with people who have a lot of shame, so I like to try and change that for them. And sometimes just letting another person know that you like to do something that you’re ashamed of and they accept you for that, can be very satisfying and very cathartic for people. I’m not a shamitrix or a humiliatrix. I’m not somebody that wants to degrade people and this is a misconception that a lot of people have about me, because I do a lot of extreme films. My style of domination has changed a lot over the years. I’m more into bondage spa these days than torture chamber. Although I do understand why someone would want a heavier session. I’m more about the positive energy exchange these days and that just happened because I want to enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t want to feel icky for hours or days after a scene. I want to feel positive I do this with and that’s not an easy thing to maintain because there are a lot of people out there who don’t have that view or don’t want to feel good about themselves. I always feel fewer people and longer scenes has been better for me.



Sinical Magazine: When did you start getting into video production as far as your fetish videos?

Irene Boss: I brought everything at the same time. I started sessioning, doing my websites, and producing films all around the same time in the mid-nineties. And my first few films were experiments. They were extremely short and I played with people who I felt really comfortable with and I had an actual chemistry and bond with, and it was great fun and it comes across as so realistic because we have that connection. So I rarely make any films with people I don’t know. I usually know the people I film with for at least five years. Most of them for much longer. This is why you see the same people all the time. You know what you’re going to expect and often the people in my videos can take a lot more than I give them, and they reason they like to present themselves as video subjects is because they get more play that way and it’s pretty obvious.

Sinical Magazine: How much content is on your website now?

Irene Boss: I have over 200 hundred hours, but I have a pelican case that has over a hundred films in it. I slowed down production for a long time, because I just felt like there was too much stuff out there, and it was becoming junk. In general, there is just so much content, and a lot of my content was being stolen and I wanted to get that under control. So I just thought that I’m going to stop producing for a while and make my company smaller, and I’m going to start processing the website memberships myself so people can get to know me. And something really interesting happened. When I made my business smaller and I became a real person to my members, a lot of that stopped, because they started identifying with me as something real. They weren’t communicating with me with a third party company. I made it a point to get to know my members as people and I have fewer members and better members and a lot of these people I end up getting to know and I end up playing with them. Event hgough I changed the nature of my business and I made it smaller, it’s become a lot better. So I don’t have strangers in my world. I like knowing the people who are looking at my content and I also like knowing that I’m probably going to meet them someday, and they have a better connection to me, because by the time they end up visiting one of my studios they know a lot about what different styles that I like. We’ve usually spent maybe a year or two e-mailing each other back and forth before even getting together, which is kind of nice.



Sinical Magazine: How do sites like affect your business?

Irene Boss: I think clips4sale has affected everything. I actually know Neil. I think it’s a great company. I met him back when DomCon was starting. I actually gave him his slogan “make money while you’re sleeping.” We talked about it in his booth and we laughed, and he ended up putting it on his site. I thought it was a really good idea because it would introduce a lot of fetishes into femdom. The way people approached femdom was very structured for a long time before the internet. Everyone had to be a slave whether they wanted to or not. You had to go through these hurdles and steps and it wasn’t working. I think clips4sale had made the world a bigger place for femdom. There’s a lot of fetishes we’ve learned about because the site exists. I think a lot of people like to look at stores and get ideas for sessions, and think about things they might want to do. I think there is a little bit of misinformation, though, because of what a classical dominatrix does, and say someone who is a fantasy facilitator does, or say a multi entertainer does, is different. I think it’s important to respect the limits and boudaries you approach and clips4sale got people talking a lot more about limits and boundaries so people got a lot more education. I think femdom has actually become better for it. Some people will say the opposite, I think that it’s better because there is more for us to include in our scenes and more for us to do. I would say somebody’s clips store is an actual indication of everything they’ll do in a pro scene. I think people need to be conscious of this when they approach someone and they need to research a person’s website and not just look at their store.

Sinical Magazine: As far as your videos, what seems to be the most popular content?

Irene Boss: People seem to like passion and what feels raw and is on the edge that I produce. Some of my most popular films were done outside or they involve whipping and some kind of angst. This isn’t typically what I do in my studio. So what is popular in my store would be heavy corporal and whipping and not so much bondage play. That’s hard to across in a clip because it’s very ethereal and sensual, where as cracking a whip and somebody making a sound in response to that, is very entertaining. So what is in the store that sells and that’s interesting to watch is very different than what I do in the studio. Most people who visit the studio are never going to be whipped Also, I think people like to watch things they they enjoy seeing done to someone else that they might not necessarily want to have done to them. So you get a lot of voyeurism with people joining memebership sites and looking at clips4sale. And there are poeople who only play in that capacity. What people like to look at online and and what they like to do in person is very different.



Sinical Magazine: Which social media platforms do you like to use?

Irene Boss: I think Twitter is fun, because it’s light and short. I have a Facebook account. It’s probably my 5th account. I’m on my 4th Fetlife account. I do enjoy, even though it has had it’s up and downs kind of like a roller coaster. It’s still a place where a lot of people congregate. I’ve tried developing profiles on some of the newer ones but it’s just a time issue. I kind of go where I get the most response, and where my people seem to feel the most comfortable talking to me, so I would say that Twitter’s probably the most changing of all the social media platforms, followed by some of the newer ones like Instagram and Pinterest. I don;t even use those. I just have accounts on them just so someone doesn’t go and take the name. I think Fetlife is viable but it’s so easy to develop an anonymous profile on there, where as some of the other social networking sites makes it a little more difficult. Facebook kind of makes be PG rated 13, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Google+ is another one that has very similar rules to Facebook. Twitter basically accepts anything. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think of the recent censorship on backpage as far as advertising?

Irene Boss: I saw that one coming. I think a lot of people did, and partly because of what happened in Craigslist but also because what’s been going on with the major credit card companies. It’s a trickle down thing. It was just going to happen. Unfortunately you have a few bad apples in the barrel that are going to spoil it for people, and I think it’s just to easy to take advantage of that medium with the low level of screening that they do for the advertisers. There basically isn’t any barrier entry. I think it’s probably better for the adult business as a whole for the entry barrier to be stricter. You look at some of the things that other online profile places demand for advertising. I think it’s ok to demand a driver’s license and some other things. Anyone can take out an ad on Backpage for a dollar. And people were able to advertise with paid credit cards and be completely anonymous. In my personal opinion, I don’t think that was such a great thing, but someone else might have a different opinion.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any upcoming travel dates you would like to mention?

Irene Boss: I have a new studio in Orange County, California. I’ll be visiting out there March 14th-20th. I’m going to be visiting England in October. I attend the DomCon L.A. event every year. I also starting attending AVN again, so I have a lot of things going on. My main website is That’s the membership site. And has my schedule with all the different things I like to do and the people who visit me. The people who I visit. I always got some things going on and I encourage your listeners to check out the website, if they like. I also run a Domina directory for other dominant ladies and it’s free. That’s called and all you need to participate with that is a website and the ability to link back. | 


Magazines: Selling Back Issues As A Digital Bundle


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In the mid 2000’s I would submit my fetish photography work to various publications. My work was published in several publications, but one publisher in particular would consistently reject my work. 10+ years later, the same publisher contacted me asking for help on how to sell his back catalog of print issues in digital format. He had no idea how to do that. I gave him the following instructions on how I do it.

Portable File Document -

In follow up posts I will discuss magazine design and editing in more detail. PDF's are the best way for your readers to view your content on computers and tablet devices. There are many ways to create a PDF, but I use Adobe InDesign. It is a program that is used by professional designers for laying out print and digital designs. You can even make a PDF interactive. Once you have created and exported a PDF, or scanned print issues for a PDF, you can move on to the next step.

Setting up your web site/sales page - 

Screenshot from - subscription box.

Domain name - 

You need to choose a domain name. A lot of domains are taken, so sometimes you have to get creative. Sinical is a play on the words sin and cynical which fits in with the alt/fetish modeling and photography community.

Hosting - 

There are many hosting options available. I use (this is my affliliate link for for 

WordPress -

Once you've registered a domain and set up hosting, you can install WordPress from your control panel. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, that is the most popular system on the web, supporting more than 60 million web sites as of 2017. It makes it easy to set up a website or blog with a customizable theme. Premium themes are available for a price with more complex designs and features. I've worked with Joomla in the past (for, but now prefer WordPress. 

The landing page and the sales page -

Screenshot of sales page.


The two most important pages on your website are your landing page and your sales page. Your landing page is designed to help capture e-mail subscribers and build up your e-mail list. Your sales page is where you will be selling your product(s).

To capture e-mails you typically have to give away something like a free issue. I would suggest giving away one of your best issues. My favorite e-mail list management service is AWeber.


The E-junkie shopping cart - 

Screenshot from 


There are many online shopping cart options available, but is my favorite. It is easy to use, the fee is reasonable at $18.00 a month to host my back catalog of digital issues of Sinical Magazine, and it works with payment options like PayPal, among others. 

Once you've set up an account with, you upload your digital product. Once you've filled out the details, it will give you a code that you can put on your website. 

It also gives you the option of setting up a affliliate program so others can help promote and sell your product and earn a commission percentage that you decide. 

Magazine Launch

Screenshot of e-mail campaign creator tool on's website.

I like to launch e-mails at 9:00am Central Time on Tuesdays. Besides the U.S., Sinical Magazine has a lot of readers in the Europe I feel this is the best time to reach the most people around the world. Once I've set up the sales page, I create the e-mail campaign newsletter on a site like AWeber's, then send it out. 

It is common to lose subscribers (for whatever reason) after a newsletter, which is why you have to consistently push to gain new subscribers. 

Social Media

Your e-mail list is your best tool for getting news of your product out there to your followers. Social media can also be effective for getting people to visit your site. There they can sign up for your mailing list and search your website for information. 

I noticed a huge difference when it came to my e-mail sign ups when I started promoting more heavily on three social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead of posting an image or article link once a day or every couple of days, I started promoting 5-8 times a day. Within each post there would be a call to action (CTA) to sign up for an e-mail list to receive free content. 


The Sinical Magazine Digital Archive is the best way to show readers the history of the magazine, and continues to generate passive income for the magazine. 

~ Danny Stygion - 


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Book review: Retro Glamour by Mark Anthony Lacy


Schiffer Publishing Ltd. is a family-owned publisher of nonfiction books. Based in Atglen, Pennsylvania.

Schiffer's release is a hardcover book. The book is 160 pages and features 274 color and B/W images. The dimensions of the book are 9.3 x 0.7 x 12.1 inches.

After an introduction, the book is divided into four sections: Bodacious Blondes, Brazen Brunettes, Ravishing Redheads, and Exciting Erotiques. An index listing the credits for the models is featured at the end of the book. 



In the introduction, Mark Anthony Lacy talks about how he got started with pinup photography. He met a a curvaceous and cute girl on a subway in New York in the 90's and knew he had to photograph her. She happened to be a Bettie Page fanatic. His new muse gave him an education on her idol and the photographic work of Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager. Lacy delved deeper into the genre of retro glamour and snatched up books and vintage magazines. He also began to collect vintage lingerie and shoes since most of his models would not have their own retro wardrobe. His approach to doing pinup/retro glamour photopgraphy is to imagine himself as a photographer in the mid 1900's and to work with the props and wardrobe that he would have had back then.



The models in the book wear vintage stockings, girdles, bullet bras, corsets, panties, gloves, and high heels. Props such as jewelry (pearls are seen often) and cigarette holders with cigarettes appear in different photos. The make-up and hair work definitely has a retro stylized look. In the sets, we see retro furniture, carpets, lamps, framed pictures, and other items. A lot of work and detail when into these compositions. The subjects are well lit with good use of shadow in the background. Some photos have a noirish feel to them. The poses and facial expressions of the models are primarily very seductive and sultry.



My favorite photos are on pages 35 (Alexandra Vino), 46  (Carla Pereira), 102-103 (Jessamyne Rose), and 151 (Kysn). This is one of the best photo books I've seen and I recommend this book to fans of retro pinup/fetish glamour photograpy. 

~ Danny Stygion


Publisher: Schiffer Publishing.

Purchase a copy here.

ISBN-13: 978-0764352485.

Mark Anthony Lacy:


Sinical May/June 2017 is now available!

Model: Donna Hood
Photography by Richard Marz
Assist by Mathew Leland
MUAH by Kira Von Sutra
Styling by Angela Ryan
Corset by Puimond

Sinical May/June 2017 issue. Featuring: Donna Hood, Lexy Lu, Holly Harlott, Gabbi Lace, and Lilly Loca.



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Click here to purchase a copy.


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Model: Lexy Lu
Photography by: Black Rose


Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Model/MUA: Holly Harlott
Hair: Samantha Wilson
Latex: House of Etiquette
Leather accessories: Uncuffed Leather


Model: Gabbi Lace
Photography by: John Johnson of GT6 Photography


Model: Lilly Loca
Photography by: Mike Froger


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