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My favorite 20 covers shot for Sinical Magazine

Cover model: Nina de Lianin

Cover Photo: Moritz Maibaum

Cover MUAH: Ophelia Overdose

Location: Berlin Dungeon

Latex straps by Madrubb 

Dress/cloak: Schwarzer Reiter 

Stockings & Shoes: Fabulously Fetish

Here are my favorite 20 covers that were shot for Sinical Magazine. I've excluded covers that weren't shot with Sinical in mind and were only submitted, and covers shot by myself. Also, I've excluded a cover image I really love from the early years of Sinical, because I saw it show up on the cover of another publication soon after our release of the issue, which is not cool with us (especially when the model requested a cover).

I believe a good cover image and design is a combination of a great model and photographer duo, wardrobe, make-up & stylist, lighting, composition, use of colors, and background. Some of the models featured on our covers put a lot of effort into putting together a great team and finding the right location for the photos. Fetish clothing-wise, my favorite look is black stockings over black pantyhose with a corset. My version of a signature Sinical outfit.

It was hard to come up with just 20 favorite images out of all the covers we've published. Several models have been featured more than once, so I just picked 1 favorite. I've included a few honorable mention photos. Photos that weren't meant to be a cover image, but that I still really love. ~ Danny Stygion, Publisher 

Model: Morrigan Hel

 Photo by Murder Mile Studios

 Jewelry by Prong Jewelry 

Model: Loulou D'vil
Photo by Richard Marz
Hair by Miss Miranda
Latex by Lacing Lilith

Model, MUAH, Photography: Sister Sinister

Latex corset by Fantastic Rubber

Latex bra by Honour Clothing

Harness by Pandora Deluxe

Mittens, thong, and suspenders by Westward Bound


 Model: Roxi D'Lite



Model: Anastasia Volodinia

Photo by Elena Iglaness

Model: Alexanda Snow
Photo by Laura Dark

Model: Sarah Hunter

Photographer: SH Photography

MUAH: Jennifer Corona

Location: Kevin Llewellyn Studio

Leather: Mother of London

Latex: Westward Bound

Styled by Angela Ryan

Model: October Divine

My Boudoir Photography
MUAH: Sarah Elliott
Latex by Fetasia

Model: Starfucked

Photo by Belinda Bartzner

Corset by House of Harlot

Model: Romanie Smith

Image: My Boudoir Photography

Lingerie: Court Royal



Cover model: Anita De Bauch

Photo by Luci Alice

Cover wardrobe: Playful Promises

Model: Miss Miranda

Photo by

Corset by Deadly Girls

Lingerie by Agent Provocateur

Gloves by Lux Tenebrae


Model: Ludella Hahn 

Photography by Evan Smith

Corset, hosiery, gloves: What Katie Did 


Model: Angela Ryan

Photo by Zhen Images

Makeup by Adrienne Gutierrez

Hair by Liz Gopwani

Wardrobe by Veritee Hill Fashion

Model, Makeup, Hair: Vanessa Lake

Photographer: Victor Rodriguez

Latex: Abigail Greydanus

Creative Director/Stylist: Angela Ryan

Model: RubberDoll. Photo by


Photographer: Mentel Candy

Model, MUAH: Idelsy

Stylist: Angela Ryan


 Photo by Moritz Maibaum

Model: Luciana Lou
Model: Elisanth

Photo by Zatsepin Alex

Outfit by Joy Williams design

Latex gloves by Westward Bound 
Favorite non-cover images:


Model: Elisanth

Photo by Alez Zatsepin 


Model: Lexy Lu

Photo by Black Rose


Model: Romanie Smith

Photo by My Boudoir


Model: Courtney Crave

Photo by Sergei Rodionov

MUAH: Tiinia Auler

Corset by Puimond

Location: Red Light Lounge


Model: Therese Rosier

Photo by Danny Worm


Sinical Magazine's Annual Top Dominatrix List (2016-2017)

Here is our first annual compendium of the top 20 Dominatrices.


1. Lexi Sindel

Photo by Chad Michale Ward


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 


2. Kendra James

Photo by Danny Stygion


Location: Miami, Florida 


3. Mistress Genevieve

Photo by Danny Stygion


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 


4. Domina Shannon 

Photo by Danny Stygion


Location: Houston, Texas 


5. Miss Ella Strictland

Location: Houston, Texas 


6. Domina Cybill Troy

Location: Los Angeles, California 


7. Mistress Isabella Sinclaire

Location: Los Angeles, California 


8. Mistress Jean Bardot

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota 


9. Mistess Tangent

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 


10. Miss Sheri Darling

Location: Los Angeles, California 


11. Maya Sinstress

Location: Chicago, Illinois 


12. Domina Alexandra Snow

Location: Columbus, Ohio 


13. Shauna Ryanne

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 


14. Mistress Ezada Sinn

Location: Romanie, Germany 

15. Mistress Daria

Location: Houston, Texas 


16. Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Location: London, England 


17. Dominatrix Irene Boss

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


18. Dominatrix Eva Strangelove

Location: Austin, Texas


19. Dominatrix Athena Fatale

Location: Los Angeles, California 


20. January Seraph

Location: San Francisco, California 


Sinical Magazine's Annual Top Alt Models List (2016-2017)

Here is our compendium of the top 20 alt/fetish models. We didn't conduct a poll last year. Ludella Hahn was the winner of 2014-2015 and has graduated to our Alt Model Legends list.


1. Dani Divine

Location: London, England. 


2. Lexy Lu

Location: London, England


3. Luciana Lou

Location: Berlin, Germany


4. Morrigan Hel

5. Starfucked

Location: Stockholm, Sweden 

6. RubberDoll

Location: United States 

7. Romanie Smith

Location: London, England 

8. Susan Wayland 

Location: United States

9. Roxi D'Lite 

Location: Detroit. Michigan 

10. Minxie Mimieux

Location: Dallas, Texas

11. Shelly D'Inferno

Location: London, England 

12. Miss Miranda

Location: Los Angeles, California 

13. LouLou D'Vil

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

14. Evilyn13 

Location: Vancouver, Canada 

15. Kimber Fox

Location: Dallas, Texas 

16. Veronica Gomez

Location: Houston, Texas 

17. Annalee Belle

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

18. Idelsy

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

19. Medianoche

Location: New York City, New York

20. Donna Hood

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Sinical July/August 2017 issue is now available!

Model: Angela Ryan
Photo: Marcus Lopez
Make-up: Madeleine Rose
Hair: Bonnie Swan
Lingerie: Dita Von Teese

July/August 2017 Issue. Featuring: Angela Ryan, Necrofoxx, Crystal Green, Ewa Baberska, Justice, and Mistress Petrana.



Click here to purchase a copy.


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Click here to purchase a copy.


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Model: Necrofoxx
Photo: Danny Stygion


Model: Crystal Green
Lingerie by Feather Red
Photo by Danny Stygion


Model: Ewa Baberska
Photo by My Boudoir UK
Lingerie by What Katie Did


Photo by: Bryan Ward
Model, make-up & wardrobe: Justice


Mistress Petrana
Photo by: Carmine Worx


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