Friday, 19 January 2018

American Pin Ups Interview



Safari Productions presents the new original real-life series "American Pin Ups," which follows two Texas pin up models and a photographer who are hoping fame and fortune are just one click away. A “pin up” craze is sweeping the country and this trio hopes their photographs, costumes and attitude will propel them into the national spotlight. The soon to be shot 10-episode half-hour series is currently being shopped to several major Networks.

Photos by: Rene Soliz.


Laura Clemons: In your opinion what is your best features, and how do accentuate that quality in your photos?

Flossie Carmichael: My eyes are my best features, as long as I don't get them too big, then I get all crazy eyed.

Lorelei Lee: I think my legs are my best feature. They go on for days. I like my eyes too.


LC: Have you ever turned down any shoots or pose requests?

FC: I do not do nudity at all, and rarely do implied. The shot really has to require it.

LL: I have turned down shoots before. I always take a look at the photographers portfolio. If I don't feel like it can help my port or if it looks like I could have taken the picture myself then I say no.






LC: What do you think makes a pin-up model or photographer legitimate?

FC: Their portfolio and publications. There are a few key photographers that every pin up needs in their port, and vice versa.

LL: I completely agree with Flossie on this one. There are so many people who pop up and say they are a photographer now that you really do need to look at their work and decide for yourself if you want their shots in your portfolio. This can certainly apply to people claiming to be models too.


LC: Today’s pin-up models appearances have evolved since the 40's and 50's. What similarities and differences do you see between retro and modern pin-ups?

FC: I adore the vintage lingerie, and cuban stockings are a must have! The classic makeup, and perfectly styled hair! On the other hand, my modifications definitely sets me apart from the original pin up girls!

LL: The big difference I see are the models with tattoos and body modifications. Obviously that wasn't the style in the past. Similarities would be the lingerie/clothing/hair/makeup. There is that feminism that just doesn't go out of style with pinup modeling.






LC: I know it is hard to name just one, so give us a few of your favorite models in alternative modeling industry present-day?

FC: Lorelei Lee, of course!!! I also have a deep respect for the ones who have paved the way, such as Mosh, and Masumi Max. Dallas has a plethora of amazing ladies, as does Houston. Texas Pin ups are taking over!

LL: I love me some Flossie. She is stunning. Bernie Dexter, Angela Ryan, Mosh, Masuimi, Courtney Crave, MissVHaven... I could go on and on.


LC: The majority of today’s pin ups seem to have more freedom of self-expression than before. Have you faced any criticism for being a pin-up model?
FC: Not really, most of the criticism comes from within the community. There's a few bad apples in every bunch, but on the whole, it is a very positive experience.

LL: I haven't faced any criticism for being a pin up model. Usually people who aren't in the scene are surprised to hear that its still going so strong.





LC: When will the "American Pinups" show air and can you release yet the channel the show will appear on?

FC: It will be coming in 2012, we have a network negotiations pending, so we can't just say yet!

LL: We will be able to reveal everything very very soon.

LC: When will your website, be fully up for your fans to enjoy?

FC: Hopefully VERY soon, but it is looking like early 2012. We are still ironing out at the details, and want it to be 100% for our premiere!

LL: Just keep checking it and be sure to find us on Facebook. 







LC: Any surprise guest you would like to appear on your show?

FC: I would love to have guest photographers on the show or designers!!! It would be so much fun to get to cross promote all our friends, and get the word out bout our little community. No one specific, it would be fun to have new guest spots each week and talk about all the different things we have going on in Dallas right now!

LL: I'd love to have Jennifer from Jupiter Moon corsets on the show. It would be great to get some of the burlesque scene spotlighted as well as our friends who do pinup/alternative modeling. There is so so much to see. I think everyone will love it.


LC: What would you say the difference is between your show and others?

FC: Our show will focus on the many different facets of pin up. From the model point of view, to the photographers point of view. It will also feature Lorelei's home life as well as my own. We lead totally different lives than we portray! It will be fun for everyone to see the perils of being a busy pin up, while maintaining a healthy home environment! Of course there will be drama. We have something for everyone!

LL: Well said, Flossie!


You can catch Flossie Carmichael & Lorelei Lee on local DFW channel KTXA 21. Each week they host the Sunday Drive in Movie of the Night.



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